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Hello. I have thought about two changes in FM 19, as suggested below:

i) The designers of the game may improve the "sounds" section of the game by adding the national anthems of the national teams before every game, when 2 national teams face each other. In matches where one of the 2 teams hosts the game, may be heard the anthem of both teams, first the one of the host. In international competitions, such as the World Cup, the national anthem of both of teams there may be heard as well, as happens in real life. Also, in continental competitions, such as the European Champions League, may be heard the anthem of the competition before every game. I believe these two changes will add realism to the game and increase fun.

 ii) Another improvement would be to add some exam tests that players-managers will have to pass in order to gain higher level diplomas. For example, may be necessary to watch 5-6 videos, which will also be available in YouTube, with subtitles in the language that the user has set as the in-game language of FM and with the option to skip these lessons. Additionally, an option may be available to give the exam again after some days, in case of failure of the first test, by giving some more money. Such an improvement will help players understand deeper the principles and ideas underlying football management and help them become more passionate with Football Manager.

The videos will have to do with tactics, philosophies and "secrets" that will make more interesting football management. They will reveal the methods that underlie the modern football and help players both understand deeper the principles of football and play with more enthusiasm and much more knowledge Football Manager.


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I'm not sure, but there might be some licensing issues with national anthems. If so, it might cost SI money to acquire rights, so I'd suppose those money would be better spent elsewhere.
For the UEFA Champions League anthem, they don't even have the license for using the CL name as of today, so getting said anthem is probably way out of the question as of now.

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12 hours ago, Halfpipey said:

Cool, please don't edit my posts. Free speech n all that

I'll remember that, thanks. Just remember the free speech you seem to want to use may result in infractions. Just like everywhere in the world, there are rules and laws.



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