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Sicario GenGenPressing Klopp’s Version

Gegenpressing has been a buzzword in football tactics for the last five years and has garnered more and more attention in the media recently. Because of the success of FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, gegen- or counter pressing has been brought up as one of the main reasons for their titles. BVB, in particular, is defined by their style. However, the media often shows a lack of understanding as to what counter pressing really is.

What is Gegenpressing?

Gegenpressing means to press the opposition right after losing possession, i.e. to press as an organized unit the moment you transition to defense. The entire team hunts the ball and, in the ideal case, immediately wins it back from the opponent. The aim is twofold; to prevent the opponent’s counterattack and to win the ball. The English, and even the Spanish and Italians, call it counter-pressing and not “Gegenpressing”; in the end the opponent’s counterattack is pressured. In 2008, Jürgen Klinsmann spoke of “immediate ball recovery” and struck at the heart of the matter very well. (source: spielverlagerung)



What is Sicario GenGenPressing?

Sicario GenGenPressing is a counter pressing tactic design for counter pressing lovers. This version of counter pressing is more oriented on Kopp's style of Liverpool and BVB counter pressing. Since there are many variation of Counter pressing in football, we thought of sticking with Klopp's version as his GenGen Pressing has more entertaining attacking soccer which you all will love to watch in 3D Match Engine. To accommodate the tactic to a vast majority of users we have created two version of it, one with SS (Shadow Striker 4-3-3-0 Wide) a striker less version and the other with F9 (False Nine 4-3-3 Wide). Please note that Counter pressing can only be achieved with Opposition Instruction, please find below screenshot for Opposition instructions.


The Formations




Recommended Training

Pre-Season Training
General Training

Why Tactical as general training? The key reason to apply Tactical in general training is so that you can ask your coaches to give more attention in training session to improve your players Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions and Teamwork as these are key attributes for a Counter pressing football.

Recommended OI for GenGenPressing



Screen Shots

A Summary of Sicario GenGenPressing SS Version




Sicario GenGenPressing SS V1.fmf
Sicario GenGenPressing F9 v1.fmf

FMT Users - Steam Workshop Tactic Download Link
FMT Sicario GenGenPressing SS V1
FMT Sicario GenGenPressing F9 V1


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6 hours ago, MichaelMiki said:

Very nicely written, You just learned me a lot about gengpressing and football in overall. I`ll try this tactic and tell you how it works, or does it :D

Glad to hear that, would appreciate your feedback, so that we could work on making the tactic more realistic and entertaining. In the meantime, good luck and wish you a successful era at your current club with GenGenPressing. :) 

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1 hour ago, MichaelMiki said:

I combined this one for home/away matches with the one other tactic here from forum and it gave me very good results :)

I will be finishing my Liverpool save soon with Sicario GenGenPressing and update the post with stable release of tactics as well the stat screenshots.

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14 minutes ago, OllyAI said:

@SageLaiho <S4G3> Where is the old opposition Instructions screen like shown in the OP? It seems you can only set OI's in accordance to your next opposition.. But I don't want to do that for every game I'd just like to set general OI's like seen above.. HELP?!

Glad to sort this out on Discord.. :)

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1 hour ago, Generation-Next said:

Do you use one for home and one for away?


No. I used the SS version for my entire season both home and away. When you wish to hold on to lead you can switch from attacking to counter and defense line to slight deep and remove off side trap.

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