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Lost my save, what next?

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My 3 week old computer died 2 weeks back and I lost all my FM saves (yes, I know I should have backed them up but was promised nothing would be lost etc but don't get me started) so I need  a new save (once it's fixed next week or the week after). I was 1 point away from my second successive promotion with 4 games left to play with Burridge FC in the English lower leagues and to be honest, not sure if I have the heart to start that again. I had the following things in my save:

  • Homegrown save (only players from Hampshire or through the youth academy)
  • random second nationality (in this case Tajik) to see what affect this would have on my youth intake
  • Giving a random foreign team (in this case Kickers Luzern in the Swiss 6th tier) a sugar daddy to see what effect it would have on them


I would want the same things in my next save, but I'm having trouble deciding who and where I should manage. I am open to most European leagues and have narrowed who I will manage next to the following themes/topics:

  • English lower leagues (conference north/south or below)
  • Switzerland/Austria lower leagues (Servette or a Liechtenstein save in Switzerland, and LASK Linz or lower league in Austria are the current favourites here)
  • San Marino/Andorra league and national team
  • Belgium - Cercle Brugge and USG are interesting
  • Germany (with correct names) - a Berlin or Bavaria save would be interesting
  • Spain - Melilla or a small team in Catalonia


Basically I want a team that has has access to a decent amount of local players (the homegrown youth aspect) so must be a decent sized city or a region, has an interesting back story (someone like Red Star Paris, ST Pauli, Athletic Bilbao etc), or has something that makes them stand out. Does anyone have any ideas about potential teams to manage? I am playing FM16 if that matters.

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I think we have spoke before. We play the  game in a very similar way.

I have been thinking of doing a save with SM Caen. A team from the region of Normandy in France. I dont know much about the team but the region has an interesting history. Viking invasions and settlers. The first ruler of the region was a vikng. The club even has a viking on the badge. Was thinking of having a transfer policy of French and Scandanavian players. Players from the region of Normandy too. 

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