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My 3-5-2 attempt

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This is my first attempt to create a 3 men defence system. Usually for the last few FM's I used only 4-1-2-2-1. This year I managed to create 4-2-3-1 deep based on Cleon's thread and had some success with it but now I have a good roster of players for this 3-5-2. Problem is I have never managed to make 3 men defence to work for me, so I'm looking for some input.


TI:standard/flexible, play out of defence, much higher def.line, use offside trap, use tighter marking,work ball into box

I'm just looking for advice about my midfield role distribution, are the two mezzalas too offensive and should I switch one of them to a more static role like DLP or CM/S (hold position)? And should I then release one of the WB to an attacking role?

I'm not sure there is enough penetration from midfield and wb positions, I'm not sure if mezzala on support is enough attacking and if I switch one to attacking role, I'm worried I will lose balance in midfield..

Any advice and thoughts?

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You should try it first before you ask thoughts from us really. 

Check out @Cleon's threads on the 3-5-2. You should learn allot from it if you haven't read it yet. 


Here you can read about the formation en development of players for that formation.


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I've been using a 352 that is more like the one in Cleon's 352 chronicles thread.

I've got :

GK Defend

All 3 CB on defend although one of them has good attributes for passing and vision so I play him as a BPD D.

Both wing backs on support (I found teams were sitting back and having a wing back on attack left me vulnerable to counter and also made the final third a bit too crowded.)



MCL - RPM S. Originally I had a CM S but I liked the idea of a second playmaker to attract the ball.


ST L - AF A. I have tried CF A but I think it left the attack a bit blunt with occasions where no one was up front because both strikers were roaming too much.

Playing standard fluid with higher def line and close down more.

It's worked well (I've won back to back prem titles and had a run of 49 games unbeaten as Leeds) but it is difficult sometimes to say whether it's the tactic or just because I've got a really strong squad. I think sometimes you reach a point on a save, particularly in England with the money available in the prem, where you can win with pretty much any sensible formation.

I've decided to change next season to having the cm a in the am strata to see if I can really smash teams!

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