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Welcome to the Ultimate Legends 1880 - 2018!

* Accurate ratings and statistics due to extensive research and testing, every player is correctly coded, no stats are left to the computer to generate so you don't get lots of players with inaccurate ratings for vital statistics. Every single legend and star is tested prior to release to ensure they play exactly like their real life counterparts.

* No Duplicate Players as the whole database has been checked and re-checked to ensure no duplication's at all.

* The whole game is re-coded from top to bottom and the ratings system has been changed significantly so please do not compare FM18 player ratings to the player ratings in the Ultimate Legends game. No player is released into the game until fully researched and fully tested.  Significant Modern players have also been re-coded to bring them into line with their legendary counterparts in terms of the new player ratings system.

Brexit has been removed & NO FOREGROUND SUGAR DADDIES

* Full Squads for all major teams throughout the world and you can check them all out in the opening pages. These squads may still be updated up until the point of release. After release new squads and players will continue to be updated accordingly to ensure this legends game continually improves and maintains its very high standards.


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