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Hey everyone,


I have a few questions regarding whether or not staff actually see an improvement to attributes other than for example training attributes relevant for coaching assignments?


for example: do young scouts improve their JCA/JPA? Is there any way to affect this, for example hiring a 25 year old scout with decent JCA/JPA and wait for him to improve?


Also, is it possible to affect staff members favoured formations?

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Staff ability does change over time (in either direction), and I have not figured out a way to have an influence on it. Even at a great club with great staff and great training, sometimes the staff numbers decline.

You can send them on a course if they don't have their top license yet, but that's the only thing I know that has an effect.

I have hired young staff with good PA hoping that they'd grow in my team surrounded by top experts, and after a couple of years they don't seem to get any better.

Looking forward to other opinions.

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