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Can anyone help me with team-report explanation?

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Could anyone be so kind and explain to me the different team abilities and how to use them to my advantage. For instance my team Eibar is the tallest in the league, can I build a tactic based on it or is it just indicating that my team is clumsy ?

Please also explain the importance of the following attributes and how they may affect my creating of style

Team decision is 16 highest in league ( 5 lowest)

Team first touch is 12 best in league

Passing is 3 lowest in league

Strength is 3 lowest in league

Work rate is lowest in league

Team spirit is 2 lowest in league

Captaincy is 3 lowest in league

Aggression is 15 in league

My attack is the paciest  in league

Physically my team has the highest acceleration, 5 best jumping and 2 best pace in league

Mentally my team is weak all over with the lowest composure and work rate in the league

Technically we`re slightly higher than the worst teams in league


Now can you please explain how I can use this info to create a style. I already have put the best players of the team into their best roles and duties. Looks like this,



Now what style is the best for this team?



Thank you for your help :)

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