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Best role for Runner CM

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I've been struggling these days to find the suitable role for a central midfielder that i prefer to call a (Runner) in 4-3-3, basically i need him to do the followings:

1- when we lose the ball he helps the team in the counter pressing, pressing high aggressively (maybe Adam Lallana with Liverpool)

2- and when we have the ball in the midfield he get further forward in order to create some space for the IF-S winger and to offer more options in the box.

so basically i don't think it'd be suitable to choose BBM as he'll be not efficient in counter pressing (as i imagine), I'm looking for a role similar to Mezalla with more attacking mentality in order to free the space for the winger who is using half-spaces, actually i want him to be the player who offer options for the player in half spaces (which is in my case IF-S winger), picture below may describe further what i'm looking for:

(8 position in the first image, and 6 position in the second)



for more clarifying i've attached below my line - up, but with some changes i needed to perform after some matches. changes are:

(CF  to F9 and Mezz to AP - S)



Also, i'd be happy to hear your comments/feedbacks/thoughts.

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5 hours ago, herne79 said:

If you want an aggressive high press, how about using a more top heavy formation which may be more suitable for that style of play?

I'm using 4-2-3-1 as an alternative formation for the matches with smaller teams which gives me high aggressive press. but i'm thinking of an role to press in defense and to move into channels/spaces when attacking. any suggestions?

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14 hours ago, SnUrF said:

Mez(A) with instructions for more pressing and harder tackling perhaps? Or just good old CM(A) with again some PIs.



This role is the best imo. No matter who plays there in my 4-3-3 wide, the player always gets ratings in the higher 7s or lower 8s with plenty of goals and assists.

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After some experiments i find Mez(A) better than CM(A), as it offers some options causing confusing for the CD anad FB because he pentrate in the half space between them. in two match Wilshire (Which is playing well there) has got two penalties and one assist!

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