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[Discussion] - When players ask for a new contract

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I really miss a function where I can speak more naturally to the players when they ask about a new contract. The answer-options almost never covers my reason for not starting a negotiation with the agent/players.

The reason for me not wanting to grant them the new contract is often that the players want to include a "minimum fee release clause", which they have locked in. I would love if it would be possible to say to the player something like:
"I think you deserve a new contract, but if you want it you have to remove the *PULL DOWN-MENU* from your demands"

In the pull down-menu I suggest that we can tick multiple options, and only those demands that the players have locked in as non-negotiable or semi-negotiable. If the players refuse to change it - ok then. That's fair. But I think the players also should have the chance to change their mind if they actually want the new contract so badly. 

Maybe the further conversation could function a bit like the discussion before contract negotiations. That when I ask them to remove the *PULL-DOWN-MENU* from their demands, they can initially either
-just say no
-accept immediately because they think it is more important with a new contract
- Negotiate: "Ok, that seems fair. I will remove the "minimum fee release clause", but then I want a big pay rise"

When they just say no, we still should be able to negotiate:
We could move on with promises if they say no. I could them try to tempt them with different promises:
"If you agree to remove the minimum fee release clause, I would be prepared to offer you *PROMISES PULL DOWN MENU*. This would also be multiple options, and we could for instance offer a big pay rise. Then I think we should be able to fairly discuss what a big rise actually means, like we already can do when we accept to sell them to another club if a reasonable offer comes in. 


Further discussion about functionality needed, but this is a rough description of what I have in mind and really wish we could do in FM19.




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