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Some panels help please!


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Hello, I've got no clue when it comes to skins and panels and the like, I'm making facepacks for a swedish FM site, FMSideline.com and since our pics are larger I've edited some panels to get them the right size in-game.

I've gotten this far (see screenshot), the pic is the right size but as you can see the personal details below has disappeared and the attribute analyser has been affected as well while there is a lot of empty space there instead. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? Any help would be greatly appreciated by a whole community!

Skärmavbild 2017-12-10 kl. 15.55.50.png

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42 minutes ago, D_LO_ said:

Speaking very generally without seeing your panel. I'd say:

  • Have a close look at the insets and any potentially high values
  • Same applies to any gap values
  • Possibly the pic's alignment if this is the case you could make the container smaller

You really need the space above, to the side and between sorted first.

  • Also have a look at any layout values, it looks like you could have potentially unbalanced an arrange_horizontal_attachment. The profile pic is clearly impacting on the size of everything else. 


That's a lot of guess work. 

Thanks for the reply, would you have time to check the panel? Would be greatly appreciated.

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11 minutes ago, D_LO_ said:

I wasn't expecting an entire folder. To see how all those files interact which you've uploaded I'd need to download a base skin and then upload your files into it and then I'd have to change my computer's resolution as I'm on hi. res. (you're on low res. by the looks of it).

I'll take a look at the coding of any problematic areas so which panel have you edited for the above issue? 

player profile personal details, sorry for the inconvenience!

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20 minutes ago, D_LO_ said:

Right, I've messed about with it 'cos it's easier than explaining. Don't know how it'll look :lol:

Layouts on line 3 & 7 might need adjusting. Have a look and play with the layouts if need be and let me know... 

player profile personal details.xml

Thanks! Now for me almost half of the picture is covered by the personal details, I suppose it's because I'm on a macbook so only have a resolution of 1280x800. Is it possible to move the personal details a bit further down? Since there's still some room there (see screenshot). Otherwise great!

Skärmavbild 2017-12-10 kl. 21.36.42.png

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6 minutes ago, D_LO_ said:

Like I said play with the layouts. Line 3. The first "-1" relates to the profile pic and the attribute polygon. The second -1 relates to the table of info. Make the first -1 bigger, you could try -2 or a specific value, i.e. 150, possibly more. 


I could only get it so far, the final part is really going to be dependent on you experimenting to suit your resolutiion. You can always undo (ctrl+z) if you mess it up. 

Thanks, that did it! (changing it to -2), thanks a lot for all the help!

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