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Scouting rant

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Please Sports Interactive, bring back the ability to scout 500 players at once. What you did is beyond useless and annoying. You didn't stop us from being able to scout 500 players in a week, you just made it harder(more time, more clicks) to do it. Instead of being able to scout 500 players with a click( selecting them and then pressing " Scout "), now we have to select 50 players and then we have to press Scout, and we can do that with no limit. Why in the world would you do that? You just ruined my whole experience with the game. 

And for those who are going to say " REALISM ", how the hell is that realism? You can still scout 10,000 players if you want, but after the update you have to select 50 at a time, and then scout them, for 200 times, instead of being able to do it for 20 times. IT'S A DIFFERENCE OF 100 TIMES. THAT TAKES SO LONG IT'S CRAZY. WORST DECISION I'VE SEEN IN YEARS. USELESS. The scouts are incredibly stupid, they don't find ****. I've always had to find the players on my own. Now you ruined it with this useless update.

If that's realism, then let's change the ablity to release the whole stuff in one day. Who the hell does that in real life? No manager when new at the club was able to release 30 staff members at once like I just did now in my new save with PSG. I was also able to sell my whole squad without nothing happening. It's not too realistic, isn't it? So please in the next update, put a limit " You can only sell 3 players/transfer window ". Right? It's so ****ing stupid it's incredible. Please change the ablity to scout 500 players with a click back.

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