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FM 18 MM VOLANTE 442 Knap

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Tested with Arsenal in FMT no OIs.

FM 18.3







FM 18.2.2







FM 18






with Spurs in FMT no OIs!!FM18.2MMVOLANTEBBM4411KnapTHP92.fmf5a38ebdfacfd0_TottenhamHotspur_Overview-2.thumb.png.1de4655f78348a05bca076a069d4e74c.png5a38ebe9aefe3_EnglishPremierDivision_OverviewStages-13.thumb.png.50b7ea0974388c961ea59964796e110f.png




Tested with Arsenal in FMT no OIs




ANCHOR                      !!FM18MMVOLANTE442KnapP103ANCHOR.fmf

BBM                           !!FM18MMVOLANTEBBM442KnapP101.fmf

BWM                           !!FM18MMVOLANTEBWM442KnapP102.fmf



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I havnt played FM 18 a lot yet only 2hrs and iv been using your tactics most for FM 17, eg: goodbye 3430, i just love a tactic that works for all teams and gets stronger and stronger when players get better, (obv lol). So i want to have a change and manage in Wales and try and get that league to be the best.  Starting with the most poorest team and build them up to be the best. Do you think this 442 Volante or the Midsomer one? will work well with underdogs?... I know TotalFootballFan98 on the FM Base has made a 451 and saying you can plug and play with ANY team and over do it. But i would like you use your tactics still,  But i think and you the same its hard to say atm without the MR L not been up and running yet.



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18 minutes ago, knap said:

Tested on 18.2



From my limited gameplay (new save) this might be even better now.  I've tweaked ever so slightly, but it's 95 % the same.

EDIT: It's just given my first 10.0 rating in 2018 - 2 in the game. Wow.


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