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Bliss' he's bored at work Xmas guessing game!

Bliss Seeker

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10 minutes ago, Confused Clarity said:

I am sure you, for one will appreciate my ingenuity @Bliss Seeker.

Whilst I appreciate the effort you put in there to write it all out, I'm afraid I'm going to have mark you down for jeopardising the integrity of the game. 

I shall be deducting points, How many I'm not sure. We shall see what the scores on the floors throws up. 

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Scores on the floors!  after Round 4

The early bird catches the worm.  The early bird also gets the first pick of flock!  

4 rounds in and things are shaping up nicely.  Those of you who are adrift at present, fret not, there is plenty of time to make up the numbers. 

Now, I signed in at this office at exactly: 


(apologies for the lack of pictures for this round, the reception area was a little busy and it was a little difficult to justify whipping me phone out).  


oh, and those of you who think I'd actually get to work before 9, when I've created this game as a result of my boredom and lack of will to do any work in the run up to Xmas:  YA MAD BRUV!?


Now scoring, I'm offering full points for guessing the exact time.  Well done Confused Clarity who was the only one to guess it right.  However, I'm deducting 35 points for silly buggerness.  The 5 points that remain, are for the effort alone, which to be honest was magical. 

Next closest was Barside who was only 3 minutes out.  As such, he will be receiving a whopping 37 points for his effort, next highest scorer was Hemhat who receives a mahoosive 31 points for being 9 minutes out at 10am. 

For the rest of you, point allocation is a little random but if you scored around about within an hour, you got got some points! 




Dude Round Answers       Round Score      Total
lilsaint 08:58 5 112
Toon 09:17 10 103
Hemhat 10:00 31 86
Barside 09:48 37 82
Confused Clarity all answers   79
Wigmore 09:19 12 75
spill blood     70
Actker     64
gecgal     64
SCR 08:59 6 60
Readingfm     59
Sons 08:50 1 59
Kubi 09:13 10 58
Barry  08:58 5 56
Rob1981 09:13 10 55
Superowl 08:43 0 50
MonkeyWool     49
Gizzy 09:27 18 21
Ham     18
Nooney 08:59 6 14
Adytaylor     10
Bdcuk 09:04 8 10
okesypvc 08:49 1 1
Gylfiascharged 08:50 1 1
Harryarse 08:38 0 0
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I had a pretty epic dream last night where I was 'trying out' for something.  For 75 points, what institution/organisation/thing was I trying out for in my dream? 



As always, I shall award guesses for closeness to the answer.




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Just now, toon_84 said:

I started work nearly 3 hours before him and I bet he finishes before me :mad:

The beauty of running project successfully well before it's end and still having it commissioned until the end of January :brock: 

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Scores on the floors!  after Round 5

Hmm, interesting answers there people.  

So last night in my slumber I had a most fantastic dream.   I was trying out to join the

Royal Navy



It was pretty epic, first I was flying this plane and then after getting down to the final 2 contestants in a sort of battle royal death match (but with bullets that don't hurt) my plane transformed into a massive gun that I used to shoot the last guy, I think he was Eli Porter.  

Anyway, the drill sergeant, who didn't like me at first thought I was great and told me he'd love to have me on board.  Great dream :)

Now scoring this was a little hard, I don't like handing on 0's but you gave me no other choice and a lot of you scored poorly. 


However, massive kudos and applause in the direction of debutante Black and Yellow Black and Yellow who scored a huge 65 points for his near miss of Royal Marines.  I also awarded points for other military-like organisations, such as the City of London Police (Lilsaint) and Mi6 (Confused Clairity).

The racists among you - Wigmore (ISIS) and SCR (uber) should have a long hard look at yourselves and contemplate your choices.  (even though Wigmore did warrant a few points) 

A few other points scattered around, but poor round people. tut tut. 




Dude Round Answers Round Score       Total
lilsaint City of London Police                          35 147
Confused Clarity Mi6 35 114
Toon Britain First 5 108
Hemhat Fleshlight 0 86
Wigmore Isis 10 85
Barside     82
spill blood     70
Black and Yellow Royal Marines 65 65
Actker Globetrotters 0 64
gecgal NFL American Football team 0 64
Barry  Gladiators 5 61
SCR Uber 0 60
Readingfm Stone cutters 0 59
Sons Football Team 0 59
Kubi Santa Claus 0 58
Rob1981     55
Superowl     50
MonkeyWool Dream beds 0 49
Ham Nasa/pineapple studios/porn 5 23
Gizzy Mcdonalds 0 21
Nooney Lambda Epsilon Omega  0 14
Adytaylor     10
Bdcuk Womens Institute 0 10
okesypvc     1
Gylfiascharged     1
Harryarse     0
Gazza  Fake Taxi 0 0
Nick Giff OTF2, Jamiacan Bobsleigh 0 0
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They're coming thick and fast (like your mum) 



I'm about to go for a ciggy and will take a picture of the first car that drives past me. 

99 points on the table, and I really think I might be giving away my first maximum here. 

33 points for each correct guess of:

a) The colour of the Car

b) The make

c) The model 




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1 minute ago, Barry Cartman said:

By Gladiators I obviously meant the Royal Navy ffs 


You were in line for some retrospective points there Barry! If only you said you meant Gladiators, as in from Roman times, and not the TV show ones which my mind instantly imagined. 

Your attempts at hoodwinking render any potential retrospective points unthinkable now.   Apologies :(

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