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FM 18 WOF 2323 and 22213 Knap

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FM 18,3.4

Tested in FMT no OIs.















Tested with Arsenal no OIs.

This is based on last years tactics for Barcelona





Screenshot (346).png

Screenshot (345).png

Screenshot (344).png

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On 24/07/2018 at 01:13, knap said:

Knap what is the difference between this one and the bluematter 22213 - I find this one gives me way better results - especially the Att.midfielder gets way higher ratings and really sprays passes around where as in the bluematter version he would hardly get above 6.9..

whould it change the tactic much to make the central striker a poacher rather than AF?

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Knap - this Tactic is my go to at home. 

I am playing as Man Utd first season. But away i use the regular WOF tac and getting pretty inconsistent results and leaking goals.. 

Would Argus be better as an away tac for Man Utd ?

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