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FM17 - Dominating the world with Monaco


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- It is the beginning of the season 2024/25

- My career total score on this save is 517 wins, 11 draws and 3 losses in 531 games played, with 1950 goals scored and 505 goals conceded

- I have won every competition that I have played in, 47 cups and 8 leagues

- I have bought 133 players for 1.9B euros and sold 94 players for 2.61B

- My transfer budget is 1B and my transfer profit has now climbed up to 300-400 million euros per season

- My transfer policy is having the best scouts in the world and getting as much talent as I can, loaning them out for the first couple of seasons and than selling them or if they have the quality they become members of my first squad

- I have almost 50 players on loan this season and the great majority of them are bringing 325k euros per month to Monaco from their current clubs

- Most of my first team players are younger than 25, I currently have only Isco(32) and Morreyra(25), club captain, older than 24

- I usually sell them before they turn 25 for massive amounts and get someone younger and better

- The highest fee received was 125 million euros for Antonio Fernandes, french wonderkid and regen that plays as an attacking midfielder, to Manchester United with 30 million more in the appearance and goal clauses

- I play in 3-2-3-2 wide formation with three defenders in the middle, two centre midfielders, one attacking midfielder, two wide wingers and two forwards, but sometimes, against weaker opponents it turns to 3-2-3-2 with three defenders, one in the middle and two fullbacks

- I am now trying to switching to 3-2-5 formation with three at the back, two mids, two wingers and three forwards

- I have paid 56 million euros to Benfica for a release clause for my current best player, Marco, when he was 18 

- Marco is now 24 and has two golden balls, three times best player in europe, three times golden shoe of europe, has become best scorer in Monaco history and a club legend all that in three seasons

- Last season Marco scored 139 goals and contributed 42 assists in 65 matches played

- That's about it for the start, I will post some screenshots and pics in the coming days

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These are stats of my players at the end of my last season. Out of this bunch I sold Merani to biggest rivals PSG for 116m. I always sell to them because they have the best offers. It happened with Mbappe, Lukaku, Rudiger, Lindelof and now with Merani. I also sold Kluivert for 20m and Antonio Sivera for 65m both to OM. I tend to strenghten the league as much as I can.

Also, I sold Talis Anacleto, a young right full back, maybe the best in the world. Because of the rule of max 4 non eu players he was a victim last season and was not registered for ligue 1. When the offer of 87m from United came I could not resist to accept it because I already have some of my younger prospects which can turn out better than Talis.

Victor Kovalenko went to Arsenal for 47.5m. He is one of two players in my entire career of which I did not make a profit, I bought him in the first season from Shakhtar for 49.5m.




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