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FM17 changing colours


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Club colours are determined by the text colours set in the editor, so the easiest thing to do is change the colours in the editor before starting a new save game, if you have started a game you'd need to use the IGE.

Through skinning you can sort of change the colours but it would affect any teams using the same colour.

From the settings.fmf extract the following three files and copy them into the settings folder for your skin; sidebar colours, accent colours, dark accent colours.

Then in each of those files duplicate one of these lines:

    <record min_hue="0" max_hue="100" min_saturation="0" max_saturation="10" min_lightness="50" max_lightness="100">
      <colour id="accent_colour" red="217" green="217" blue="217" alpha="255"/>

And then adjust it to recolour either the blue or red colour (if you want to change both then duplicate the lines twice).

The first line of that code detects any colours within that range and assigns them the RGB value on the second row. So what you need to do is find the hue, saturation and lightness values of the red/blue colour you want to adjust - note that you want the real colour not the adjusted one, you can get the real colours from the text in the kit panel on the club overview screen or from the editors - if you cannot get the HSL values directly then with the colour up press printscreen, load up paint, past the image in, use the colour picker tool to select the colour, click edit colours and you should now get the HSL values.

With the HSL values plug them into the above line setting the min and max values to the same so if you had a hue of 200 you'd set the min_hue and max_hue both to 200. This ensures that the game will only pick up that colour.

Next on the colour line fill in the RGB values you want to use. Then repeat for the other files. Also note that you might need to exit and restart the game with the skin cache off to get those colours to update.

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