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[SUGGESTION] More Conversation Options


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Conversation options are unnecessarily limiting in a way that forces you into unsatisfactory results.

For example, a star player of mine has been in great form, but his training has been so poor that nearly every attribute has a downward red arrow. He is in his prime, so it is not simply an issue of aging. I want to speak to him about this, and let him know despite his great play, I have noticed his dip in training and want him to work harder at it. Obviously I don't wish to sell him, so I choose the only other available option, the one that threatens to drop him from the lineup.

That, of course, is ridiculous, as he is a key starter in great form, and he says as such, claiming he's done enough to get the nod anyway. Now he's upset, and we've made no progress. If only there was an option that was closer to "Hey, you're doing great on the pitch, but you need to also keep up a good performance in training as well, that still matters, and I notice you're slipping." Problem solved.

There are, of course, similar issues across the board where a little more diversity and nuance in the spectrum of responses could do a world of good in the evermore crucial man management aspect of the game.

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