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Complete forward as target man

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Hey guys, 

Long time reader here and a fan/player of the game for many many years.. :)  Today I'm asking for some help about the target man options. 

I havent played with a target man for quite some editions, I usually use other type of strikes, partially because there barely are really good target men and because the teams I usually play with dont have any. 

But this time United bought Lukaku and I want to play him as a complete forward but use him as a target man, if that makes sense. I remember years ago there was an option ingame where you could basically select anyone as your target man or playmaker. I just cant find that anymore for the life of me though, is it gone?

Since I basically put my wingbacks and keeper on long kicks to my target man, but I cant specify who my target man is.. 

Any feedback appreciated! 

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49 minutes ago, Cloviss said:

I just cant find that anymore for the life of me though, is it gone?

Welcome to the forum.

Yes it's gone.  The only role now defined as a "Target Man" is the Target Man role.  Other roles can act in a similar manner to the Target Man if you check their Player Instructions (eg., the Deep Lying Forward) but don't come with the "ball magnet" effect of the Target Man.

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You could try using the target man role, and then adding in PIs a complete forward would have (roam, dribble more, more risky passes, etc.) Some of those might be unavailable for the role though, haven't used a target man in ages so I'm not sure.

Back in FM13 I had a monster regen named Isaac Essilfie who I played as a CF/S set as target man, and he just dominated games, so I can relate to what you're trying to do.

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