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Title bar text colour

ben carter

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I like to use a solid dark background for my skins however I'm having an issue with certain text that changes colour per-team.


The text and button icons change colour in the titlebar depending on the team you're viewing however when it comes to a team whereby that colour is black (or something else dark) things become unreadable.


I was just wondering if it's in the colour settings of a skin to have these all set as a single colour permanently?


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You'd need to change the colours from the various header files, this thread should give you an idea of which bits of code you need to change:

Use that to find the text code and then change the various colour and red_replacement values that are listed as primary or secondary to the colour you want, and if you set them to the 'accent' colour then the game should use the teams light colour - so it should still use Yellow for Palace but would use white for Swansea.

(You can ignore the bits about adding in the old recolouring code as you don't need to do that as you just want to recolour the bits).

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