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1 hour ago, knap said:

Cannot see any ME changes, not updated yet but will interested to see if my current tactic now bombs!

A Football Manager 2018 update (v18.2.0) is now available to download.

To get the update simply quit and restart Steam and your game should update to version 18.2.0. This update is fully save game compatible.

Updates include but are not limited to the following:

- Fixed crash during match
- Fixed crash during processing
- Fixed crash entering match with large number of hotseat managers in save
- Fixed crash during Fantasy Draft setup
- Fixed crash on exiting game
- Fixed crashes when using edited data

- Optimised processing speed during scouting assignments
- Optimised match performance when running high number of leagues
- Optimised performance and stability of match controller

- Improved highlight selection for red cards and penalties
- Improved player ratings balance in background leagues
- Fixed 3D cut scenes appearing when playing in 2D or commentary only
- Fixed instances of crowd kits being carried over between matches
- Fixed issue where user could not take off an injured player and go down to 10 men when they have used all 3 subs
- Fixed user being unable to make Half-Time Team Talk
- Improved the functionality for the user to use their 4th sub in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup in extra time
- Improved substitution decisions by AI Managers
- Improved balance of crosses going too close to the goalkeeper
- Improved free kicks
- Fixed player clearing ball at kick off
- Improved on ball decisions
- Fixed issues with keeper saving ball at near post
- Fixed player slide tackling nobody
- Fixed keeper standing in the wrong place after taking a penalty in the ABBA format penalty shootout
- Improved keeper position when backpass option needed by ball player
- Fixed bug where keeper may go for unattainable ball that his team mate is already favourite for
- Fixed bug where keeper may try to pick up ball while in his own goalmouth causing it to be carried over line
- Fixed some instances of players trying to control or tackle ball that is far from their feet
- Fixed penalty taker change not being applied
- Fixed instances of the assist player being wrongly set
- Fixed instances of players being considered to have an injury when they didn't
- Improved marking of ball player
- Fixed keeper coming for ball and not using feet when easier than a save
- Fixed keeper making unrealistic and impossible effort to save again when he himself just made a save
- Various animation fixes


various updates and changes on match engine ^

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Most are bug Fixes  perhaps - Improved marking of ball player - Improved on ball decision but should apply to both sides

This has retested OK


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Rough guide as what tactics to use

Top team


Midsomer 442

Sub Top

WOF 343

Volante 442


Volante 442 anchor

WOF 352


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I would not do a full season as working and results from just a season are not good enough to make a judgement call .  Full testing should be soon.

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game 16 as i continue, versus liverpool

screenshots of match overview vs liverpool 3-3 (their 3 goals come from coutinho get the ball on my right flank). So when they pass the ball to coutinho on right flank, my wb position often not in line to defend as he is often get overrun by coutinho. coutinho position often get behind my wb position making him easily get the ball and run the ball with it. 

Then i continue on to 2 matches vs brighton away (arsenal won 0-2) and burnley home (arsenal won 6-0)

I think the tactic on 18.2 is already good, maybe a little bit of tweak while defending. as my right and left flanks can be vulnerable when vs team such as liverpool who focus their attack on both flanks.

many fouls too from my side. 

on the positive note my striker got 5 clear cut chances

I shall wait after fully tested

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 00.14.12.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 00.17.23.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 00.18.50.png

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just want to update of wof343.

For me Vol3 is better than Vol4

with Vol4, my team was playing a bit off as I used to watch my team playing.

with Vol3, my team was playing with what I am used to but much better.

Both Vol3 & Vol4, I have been training my players for the right position training

Thanks Knap

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hey Knap, im ur Chinese fan! I have made a small adjustment for your Tactic GOODBYE343,Can you take the time to test it for me?

I removed 2 strikers,replaced Inside forward, i call it newKnap3421, i have tested a few games with Real Madrid,and the result is good.





sry for my bad english  -,-

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I assume you prefer movement of CF to Poacher. The performance of VO; 3 & 4 should be similar.


A IF version would be very useful, and I will test later.


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Hey Knap. I am using your WOF 343 vol4 tactic with Dortmund save. So far going very well. Just played the last friendly match in which I encounter an issue which is seen in picture.

I am clearly the better side, so the opposition parked the bus. I had 16 shots on target with only 1 goal. They had 1 successful shot and scored.

Can you give an advice what to do in such circumstances.

I believe in FM 17, you suggested to drop a defensive line deeper to lure the opposition out and also maybe playing with defensive mentality.

What is the solution in FM 18?

Thank you.

Dortmund v Leganés_ Match Review.png

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Knap, first of all; I wish you a happy new year. May it be joyful everyday.

Secondly, thank you for the advice. I shall try those 2 more offensive alternative tactics (BM 433 or BM 2 trequartista tweak) should I encounter ''park the bus'' teams in the forthcoming season.

I am not a big fan of overload mentality due to excessive number of wasteful long shots.

After that last friendly match, I played vs. Bayern in supercup and won 4:0. A very good tactic indeed (WOF 343 vol 4).



Dortmund v Bayern_ Match Review.png

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Hi knap

vol4 : team shape very fluid, defense: Vulnerable if team consist of players with less skill

vol3 : it is good

vol2: i come back to this tactic, i find it is the best as its perfomance so consistent for me

so knap vol2 is best, defensively and attacking

thanks knap

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I doubt skill will make a difference as playing against less skill.

If you take into account TIs they will be about same, so just flexible against VF

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Used this for first season as Arsenal, won everything, when it felt like the opposition was adapting i moved the left striker back into a AMC with Terquista role.

Match engine really can't cope with WB's and 3 forwards

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