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FM18 WOF 343 Knap

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FM 18.3.3

Tested with Lpool in FMT no OIs.








Tested with Arsenal no OIs

FM 18.3.0







FM 18 .2.2





FM 18 .2.1

Variation based on FM 17 Tactic









Variation with POACHER and CF




















IWB Version



WB Version





VOL 2 High Scoring






Short passing









Mixed passing





English Premier Division_ Overview Stages-4.png

English Premier Division_ Overview Stages-8.png

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Is it the BMW ?  Is it high aggression attribute ? can also be high CD.  Is it a manageable problem? -Can reduce tackling on player by player basis during game help. Can a SUS tactic help when down  to 10.

If you are say winning 2-0 at half time then take get stuck in off and monitor 2nd half.

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it was the right back and the centre back lol!


Its okay, ive turned off get stuck in, and managed to beat PSG 2-0 in the CL, so dosnt seem to have had such an impact, in the game with 2 sending offs, and previous games I was seeing 24+ fouls, turning it off reduced it to around 15-18 so its a start :) but like you say probably down to aggression stats. Three of the players I just checked who had been sent off had aggression of 17 so that's probably why! 


thanks for the tips.

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25 minutes ago, tottenham2k7 said:

This tactic is well and truly the best (for Spurs at least)


Mental results. thankyou Knap!!


I'm just too scared now too even apply the latet update as don't want to risk it going down the pan

Which version of the 2 are you using?

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WOF is a short passing tactic with more TIs and Flexible, back 3 is set up in a different manner.

There is a high scoring tactic I am looking at today  (125 goals 100 GD) and no ME problems from updates.

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7 hours ago, knap said:

WOF is a short passing tactic with more TIs and Flexible, back 3 is set up in a different manner.

There is a high scoring tactic I am looking at today  (125 goals 100 GD) and no ME problems from updates.

Exciting times ahead !

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Won the league after 3 seasons with my middlesbrough team and the league cup, but after finally knocking manchester united off the top of the league i got to play them in fa cup final and champions league final and guess what, I lost both and then just started a new season and lost to them in the community shield. They were too good in fm17 and still too good again :(

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5th and 3rd but my first season being promoted i finished 8th with my own tactic but then i noticed this tactic and thought id try this. im tempted to try and win it with my counter tactic as i miss having wingers because i do really like a traditional looking tactic but its getting it to work all the time

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On 11/22/2017 at 23:47, knap said:

High scoring tactic tested with Arsenal and Liverpool no OIs



Do you have any preference regarding the left or right foot, when it comes to the two AFs, and if i have one AF who is much better than the other, and he is using right foot, which side would you use him in?

Lastly, how come you havent asked the two AFs to shift position? does this matter?

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Usually right foot on right side. I switch players around during match if no luck with starting line up, but I may switch with middle as well. This is more flexible and you have control.

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2 hours ago, knap said:

I use FMT. The best idea is to download demo and then download tactics as you can see the PIs. I did screens of PIs for similar tactic.

Yes I know, unfortunately I don’t own a laptop at the moment. Anyway, I plugged that in for now. But I would really like to play the 3-4-3 high scoring latest version. So if and when someone can post the differences between the one I plugged in and the latest 3-4-3, I will be really grateful :) thanks!

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hi knap,

this tactic is good and helped me with arsenal to 1st position until match 15

now the game is being updated to 18.2.0 with me v1818

i will wait for the updated version of this wof 343 so then i'll be confident to continue my save game.

attached image shows how my arsenal progress with this tactic



Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 00.58.13.png

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