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FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

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1st season intake guy CA 116 / PA190



2nd season intake guy CA 128 / PA 164




Those two are best, the rest looks like is trash so far, but have those two diamonds showing we are doing right in youth training.


Had Peters part of 1st season as HOYD - then changed to Samaden (Peters now Ass Man), now John McDermott.

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I'm fully aware that this is FM17 (I can delete it if I shouldn't be posting it here), but I came back to the game to have a look at the PA/CA's of my best players in my FM17 Southampton save. This guy is currently sitting on CA 200, making him better than Messi and Ronaldo:


He's been an absolute monster for me (this season he got 53 goals in 46 starting appearances), and he's scored some of the most insane goals I've ever seen in FM. Sorry if I shouldn't be posting FM17-related stuff, but I've never had such a good player :)

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