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6 minutes ago, XaW said:

I have no idea if that would be a realistic time- or cost frame, but it seems a bit excessive for me, at least the time. Maybe you should report it in the bug forum to give SI a chance to check it?

thats my next job


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Shaw Lane - 2021/22

Much more successful year although we did try very hard to throw the title, having a streak of 5 draws in 6 games towards the end of the season. But, we managed to win the last 3 and secure the title. It was tough this year though, as Halifax and Harrogate were putting pressure on us all season. Also, our defense was nowhere near as good as last year, no idea why since we lost only 1 defender who wasn't that good. But, we were the leading scorers, so we made up for the lack of defense.

Vanarama North - Leading for the majority of the season, but it was always close.

FA Trophy - Could've done better here.

FA Cup - Unfortunate to go up against Halifax in the first round, but it let us focus on the league early.

Transfers - Only 2 or 3 good signings, the rest did nothing.

Squad - Not much changes, we weren't able to bring back a couple loanees, but the title winning side was 8/11 the same from last year.

Finances - Board injected 35k to help with the debt, how nice. Rumors of a takeover now.

Key Player Profiles:

Dylan Levitt - 1/3 of our attack.

Jacob Ramsey - That makes 2/3 of our attack, what a season he had with 30 goals.

Felix Nmecha - 3/3, again his production is lower because he slotted into the midfield when needed.

Adam Tibbetts - Got him back on loan and he had an even better year this year.

Jack Hallahan - Still going strong, despite my assistants opinion of him.

Eric Barnes - Brought in on loan for the last bit of the season and he looked good when he played.

Career Overview

Season    League            Position    FA Cup       FA Trophy      Training Facilities    Youth Facilities     Junior Coaching     Youth Recruitment   Achievements/Notes        Top Scorer             Most Assists                  Highest Avg Rating 
2018/19   Vanarama North    17th        1st Round    1st Round      Poor                   Basic                Minimal             Limited             N/A                       Chilaka (12)           Walker/Chilaka (6)            Jones (7.01)
2019/20   Vanarama North    7th         4th Q Round  2nd Round      Poor                   Basic                Minimal             Limited             Lost in playoff QF        Hale (21)              Loader (14)                   Raymond (7.23)
2020/21   Vanarama North    2nd         1st Round    2nd Round      Poor                   Basic                Minimal             Limited             Lost in playoff finals    Levitt/Ramsey (16)     Levitt/Ramsey (10)            Levitt (7.26)
2021/22   Vanarama North    1st         2nd Q Round  2nd Round      Poor                   Basic                Minimal             Limited             Champions                 Ramsey (30)            Levitt (15)                   Tibbetts (7.39)
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I am really struggling with this. Presently in season 6, nothing seems to be working.

I seem to win a few then it’s like the game finds my tactics and I can a loosing run so I switch again. 


It is looking like I could well go down this year. 

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And that is one way to secure promotion.

Red Card in the 10th and a pen for us, from there we mauled them. The Semi was the closest game running out 5-2 winners after going down early. Might definitely look at keeping this team, the unity is top notch.

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1 hour ago, XaW said:

A very good season there, @The_Gato_In_Goal! 30 goals is amazing! I'm guessing the pace and decent of the ball gave him enough attempts to score.

Yeah, I've been playing a 4-3-3-0 that throws everybody forward at once basically, so he gets through balls and lots of one on ones. I imagine this would be so much better as we progress because I've had games with 9 CCC and 8 Half Chances and we score 2 of them.

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18 minutes ago, Thebaker said:

@The_Gato_In_Goal That's a great season, do you play with no strikers at all in your tactics. I'm impressed you managed to sign Levitt since he won't consider my club

I've been playing a 4-3-3-0 that throws everybody forward at once basically. And I managed to sign Levitt for high wages a few years back, he's quality and hasn't tried to jump ship yet!

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5 minutes ago, The_Gato_In_Goal said:

Yeah, I've been playing a 4-3-3-0 that throws everybody forward at once basically, so he gets through balls and lots of one on ones. I imagine this would be so much better as we progress because I've had games with 9 CCC and 8 Half Chances and we score 2 of them.

Yeah, I've got a similar one, but with 3 strikers. It likely does the same for me. My quick strikers are leaving the defenders behind all the time, but because of poor technique and composure we miss a lot.

Congrats on the promotion, @wynter!

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4 minutes ago, XaW said:

Yeah, I've got a similar one, but with 3 strikers. It likely does the same for me. My quick strikers are leaving the defenders behind all the time, but because of poor technique and composure we miss a lot.

Congrats on the promotion, @wynter!

That's how I normally play, but for whatever reason my strikers weren't doing much, so I saw a bunch of good attacking mids, brought them in instead, and played similarly but without strikers.

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Merthyr Town- 2023/24 - Vanarama National League South
Image result for merthyr town
League / Graph - We started off in general good form, as we looked to break our league points record. We kept playing well and doing a decent run. We then would loose a couple and then I would change tactics. This kept happening until we ran into a brick wall. We saved the season with a win on the last day to secure survival. I was not pleased. 

Competitions - FA cup was poor as we were bulleted out by a team in league below us. In the trophy we did ok, but should have gone further.

Transfers - I really struggled this year to find players who wanted to join us. I brought in as much as I could but it was tough. 

Finance - Errrrrr not to much to say


Robbie Patten - I keep thinking I will replace him but he keeps performing really well. 

Lucas Odunston - Superb striker who scored a hell of a lot of goals again for us this year. Quickly becoming a special player for me. 

Ben Hornsby - Decent midfielder who did well when he played, I was hoping for a little more out of him but he did well enough. 

Next Year

I was really not pleased with this season, it was the toughest season I have had here. I am slowly running out of ideas as to what to do next. I will take the pre season bring a few new faces in and maybe re think the tactics. Aim for next year is nothing more than survive. 

Story So Far

2018/19 - Vanarama National League South - 19th

2019/20 - Vanarama National League South - 13th

2020/21 - Vanarama National League South -  18th

2021/22 - Vanarama National League South - 18th

2022/23 - Vanarama National League South - 16th

2023/24 - Vanarama National League South - 19th

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1 minute ago, Agent said:

What sort of tactics you using @XaW

A 4-3-3 variant I'm changing around to suit my players. I found myself conceding a lot of goals anyway, so why not try to outscore them going attacking.

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10 minutes ago, Wlv said:

433 with 3 strikers XaW? If so, I'm finding this brilliant for scoring. Two of my strikers had 30 goals last season and the other had 22. 

Grats on the cup run

Yeah, and thumping the ball up to them and hope they can create mayhem. I do struggle a bit against very defensive teams, but since I'm very lowly rated it at least works for now. I'm guessing it will have to change when my rep catches up, but for now it works a like a charm. I score a lot, but also concede a lot. Some games I create so many chances and miss, so it's a rather frustrating tactic sometimes, but it works for me, at least for the moment.

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53 minutes ago, XaW said:

Yeah, and thumping the ball up to them and hope they can create mayhem. I do struggle a bit against very defensive teams, but since I'm very lowly rated it at least works for now. I'm guessing it will have to change when my rep catches up, but for now it works a like a charm. I score a lot, but also concede a lot. Some games I create so many chances and miss, so it's a rather frustrating tactic sometimes, but it works for me, at least for the moment.

I've switched to a 3-4-3 which seems to be working, just need to get better at closing out games.

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XaW - Marine - 2021/22


Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

With the promotion last year my goal for this season was simply to avoid the drop back down. However, the difference in quality was much smaller than I expected and i found we could measure up against most of the teams. When I added in a couple of very talented players my scouts presented me with, things went much better than expected. We hovered around the playoff spots the whole season, but as we closed in on spring time we really hit a good form and suddenly we were part of the fight for the championship. We were 6 teams close to each other, and everyone could take the title. Eastleigh, Salford, Notts Co, Stanly, Grimsby and ourselves. With only one match remaining we found ourselves top of the league, but only a single point ahead of Grimsby. The other teams had slipped up a bit, so it was either them or us. We played away to Barrow, while Grimsby had Kidderminster at home. The players gave it their all, but we could only manage a 2-2. When I then looked at the other scores, I saw that Grimsby had won it 4-2 and taken the top from us at the final day!

So we went out into the playoffs and got a bye on the first round since we finished in 2nd place. In the semi final we got a home match against Carlisle. We beat them quite comfortably 4-1 to get to the final at Wembley, and our final opponent turned out to be Salford who beat Stanley 4-2 away in the other semi. The final itself was a very exciting game for both sides. We took the lead after 14 minutes when our top scorer Manesseh Koenraat headed in a free kick. Salford hit back after 27 minutes when they took us on the counter, and even took the lead after 40 minutes when they took advantage in a scruff in our box after a free kick. The equalizer came just two minutes later though as midfielder Abdi Sharif scored from the edge of the box. In the second half we took the lead after 58 minutes when our strong defender George Edmundson won an aerial duel after a corner to put us ahead. I though we had scored the final goal when Alex Pattison scored a placed shot 3 minutes into the overtime. Salford hit back moments later at they ran straight through us and scored. We did manage to hold on to the ball the final moments to win it! We are heading into League Two!

In the FA Cup we had a great run as we beat Gateshead, Shrewsbury and Crawley before we edged out Tottenham on White Hart Lane in an amazing match. We did lose to Liverpool at Anfield in the 4th round though, but still a great run and our finances loves it. In the FA Trophy we beat Morecambe and Forest Green before losing to Stanley in the 3rd round.

My best players this season have been top scorer Manesseh Koenraat, our midfield general Stavros Pechlivanidis and goalkeeper Scott Maloney.


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Tonbridge Angels - Season 2019 - 2020 (2) - National League South

Board Expectation: Fight bravely against relegation

Manager Expectation: Top half finish

Media Prediction: 20th

Final Position: 5th


An improvement upon last season as we managed to qualify for the playoffs but we rarely looked competitive as Braintree defeated us 4-2 in the Wildcard Round. Far prefer the new playoff system with one off matches. Two leg games in domestic competitions bothers me.

The squad is too big at the moment. Players kept bothering me with gripes about a lack of playing time. It's something I've never been good at managing at non league level and whilst I have sufficient support to avoid dynamics problems this has definitely been far improved this year in the game.

League Two clubs are showing an interest in bringing me on board so I'm clearly doing something right. I also won Manager of the Year on the second try. Hopefully next season I can trade that in for a promotion!

FA Cup: A shameful 1-0 defeat to Merstham in the Second Qualifying Round, nuff said.

FA Trophy: Knocked out 1-0 by bogey team Wealdstone in the Third Qualifying Round. No cup wins this season. AFC Fylde won this, beaten only four times across all competitions in securing a non league double along with the National League Premier.

Manager's Player of the Season: Matt Carter swept the awards across the board at our end of season awards ceremony, including a blistering volley from outside the box to win goal of the season. Too good for this level and is set to leave at the end of his contract.

Season - Year - Division - Position - Notes
1 - 2018/19 - National League South - 11th - Two Manager of the Month awards, 3rd in Manager of the Year voting.
2 - 2019/20 - National League South - 5th - One Manager of the Month award,  National League South Manager of the Year.


Around the World

England - Another dominant performance from Man United in the league but faltering performances elsewhere mean it's their only trophy this season. Some unfancied sides enjoy success in the domestic cups, with West Brom stunning Spurs on penalties to win the League Cup and Watford running Liverpool close in the FA Cup final. The Merseyside club survive the scare to take their tally of FA Cups to nine.

Europe - After dominating Europe last season, only Man City represents England in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League. PSG completes the treble in a shootout win against Real Madrid, who must settle for only the Copa del Rey.  Arsenal win the Super Cup and Club World Cup as North London rivals Tottenham suffer a 2-1 Europa League Final defeat to Hoffenheim, who had to survive the dying stages with nine men!

International - England sweep a qualifying group including Netherlands and Northern Ireland to qualify for Euro 2020. Kosovo are the shock qualifiers, despite only getting 4 points from qualifying their Nations League Division D Group 3 top spot sends them into the playoffs where they beat Latvia and Macedonia to reach their first major competition.


Next Season

Our wage budget is still high but promotion is essential to avoid getting gutted financially. We had to expand our ground by 1000 seats to comply with regulations and I'm hoping that won't come back to bite us on the behind.

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Season 2018/19 Review - Mickleover Sports in the Vanarama National League North

League Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Season Review

Did what was needed and not much more. We're okay in attack at ~1.7 goals per game but 75 conceded is worst in the league. It's mostly long balls behind my slow central defenders, something not even the deepest defensive line seems to alleviate. A pacy defender on cover duty might just be on the cards for next season. Adding to that, we're worst in the league at defending free kicks and corners, conceding a combined 23 goals from these situations. I may have to delve into the analysis screens and figure out exactly how we're getting things so wrong.

While on the subject of statistics, this team is certainly true to my usual lower league style: Comfortably leading the tackles won and fouls made charts, not to mention the least disciplined at 13 red cards and 100 yellows. We're a combative side and that's how I like it, but I think it was somewhere around when we had to play a 3-3-1 formation for 60min against FC United that I realized we may just be overdoing it ever so slightly. Or maybe it was the following match when 7 players were suspended. I forget. Some tactical tweaks needed here for sure...

The finances are looking a bit shaky and the board has had to inject a total of £120K to keep us afloat. I'm essentially betting they can keep this up and negotiated a ~£500 increase to the wage budget at contract renewal - headroom that will come in handy for next season.

Aim for next season: Quicker defenders and a tactical re-think. Fewer red cards?

Season    League                 Finish   Achievements
2018/19   Vanarama North         16th     -


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Reading about managers going with full attack and after a few disappointing results with my defensive play I am going to go on the attack and see if it happens. I need to stop drawing and win lots of games if my slim title chances are going to happen. I feel I am probably unlikely to miss play-offs either way so it is pretty risk free.

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Problem with my save, not going to be able to continue my attempt with Billericay. Sitting 3rd and trying to push for an unlikely title win towards the end of the first season but it has gone. Guess that is the risk playing with the Beta.

Not sure whether I will give this another go or not.

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Thanks guys! It truly was a fantastic season, now to see if we are good enough for League Two! We did go pro after the season, so I'm trying to get all the players I want to keep on full time deals.

@Sn00gle: Haha, that's the first time anyone have ever called me that! :D I'll have youth challenge go when I either finish this or for some reason can't finish it. I really think a youth save will be good this year, with the dynamics and stuff. The cohesion will be amazing after a few season I imagine.

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Effective Pre-Season, decided to keep the majority of the players and try to maintain that positive atmosphere. We did still make some transfers though.


Keeping the same tactics, our primary one was just a way to test out some of the new roles but it works brilliantly. Option 2 is just an occasional mix-up when I think things look stale.

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Staines 2019/20

Table | Squad | Transfers| Cups


The season started off well and the team looked very sharp. By Dec they were comfortably in the playoffs. It started to unravel at the end of Jan about when i signed Meekens who was terrible. I lost 9 games in a row which finished any promotion hopes and ended towards the bottom of the table.
In the FA cup the team beat Dulwich and Merthyr before facing L2 Blackpool away. A 2-1 win should have been more comfortable with 5 CCC's created.
In the 2nd Rd L1 Burton were the opponents in a televised match. A 96th minute undeserved equaliser by Staines led to a replay were the team were easily beaten 3-0.
In the FA trophy the team lost to VNL woking.
Finances are ok thanks to the fa cup run.

Most of my transfers in were 16yo's to boost my u18 team.
The defence was catastrophic with only the bottom 2 teams worse, My strikers also stopped scoring when the team started losing in feb.
Hamilton scored 10 in 17 league games but had lost form by the time his loan ended, Pearce was also very hot and cold.
In midfield were my best players in Klass and Worrall, youth player Williams also did well.
My biggest issue is getting the players roles right as i'm still not getting the best out of the likes of Zanzala and Klass.


Season    League            Position    FA Cup           FA Trophy              Achievements/Notes               
2018/19   Vanarama South    19th        3rd Q Round      3rd Q Round              Avoided relegation                            
2019/20   Vanarama South    13th        2nd Round 	 1st Round     		      None             


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Post 2, Hendon FC Digest Pre-season Jun - Aug.




First thing first was to get rid of the staff that I didn't want as my first job in charge on 25th June 2018.


* OUT -  Assistant Manager - Freddie Hyatt

* OUT - Coach - Fabio Valenti

After some tinkering with scouting budget and the transfer budget I managed to get an available wage budget of £2.92k per week after agreeing that the seasons expections is to avoid relegation.

27th June 2018.

First press conference.




* IN - Clayton Fortune - Assistant Manager - His best role is actually a coach but thought his stats looked the best out there at the time for Assistant Manager, so went with that.



* IN - Ramone Stephens - Chief Scout.

* IN - Tommy O'Malley - Scout.

* IN - Kevin Oxby - Physio.

* IN - Jack Collison - Coach.

* IN - Anthony Shah - GK Coach.

Spoke to the board on this day as well to ask for my number of coaches to be released and they agreed!


28th June 2018.

* IN - Adam Wallace - Scout.

30th June 2018.

* OUT -  Kezie Ibe - Player - Retired.

4th July 2018.

* OUT - Arthur Lee - Player - Contract Expired.

* OUT - Ashley Nathaniel - Player - Contarct Expired.

9th July 2018.

* IN - Paul Driver - Coach.

18th July 2018.

* IN - Lewis Robinson - Attacking Midfielder/Central/Advanced Playmaker - Free


23rd July 2018.

* IN - Aram Soloman - Attacking Midfielder/Central/Shadow Striker - Free.

24th July 2018.

* IN - Jonny Giles - Attacking Midfielder/Left/Winger/Support - Free.


26th July 2018.

* IN - Kayleden Brown - Attacking Midfielder/Left/Winger/Support - Free.

28th July 2018.

* IN - Conner Fowler - Left Back/Full Back/Defend - Free.

1st August 2018.

* IN - Ben Wells - Left Back/Defensive Full Back - Free.

4th August 2018.

* OUT - Malachy McGovern - Free.

* OUT - Geo Craig - Free.


Here is a little comparison of how my initial "First Team" the first one was what I would have been prepared off the bat to play when they came back from holiday on the 2nd July 2018 the second screenshot is what I would have been happy to play with at the start of the season on the 6th August 2018 onwards, however, as you can see there are several players injured so that isn't a possibility (please ignore the redness around Nico Muir-Merchant a little bug there).


This is my pre-season of 2018-19  season doesn't look too pretty, however, my pre-seasons hardly ever do in my memory.

Thanks for reading and please any suggestions on improvements on posts would be appriciated either in dafuges community page on Steam or right here on the forum.

Linguin Cike.


Edited by Handstar
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Makov's Challenge

Billericay Town F.C. Logo.png

Billericay Town F.C

Dynamics |  Finances | Schedule- Pt.1   Pt.2   Pt.3 | Squad |  Me

The League: our league season started very well and we managed to stay close to the top, but then, we had a bad patch of form which at points sent us fighting for our place in the playoffs. we started to pick our form back up and due to the other teams losing points here and there we managed to stick close to the top being only a few points away. in the last 16 games of the season we won 12 of them which still left it way too close for my opinion as it was 1 point between us and Solihull Moors entering the last game of the season, but we managed to get the result and guarantee promotion, for poor Sollihull moors they lost the playoff final vs Newport.

Transfers: our squad was not good enough for this league so a major haul had to be done, in the end, I have solidified our squad with most of our starting 11 by the end of the season were new players. most transfers were a success but the 2.3K on Pablo Martinez was the worst 2.3K I have ever spent.

FA Cup: this time the qualifying rouns went more smooth but Stoke city was just too good although I am proud that we pushed them to the end and the edge

Season awards: Liam Smith was brilliant for us, ruling the midfield. the weird thing is I only ever played 4-4-2 in this save so the TOTS formation is interesting.

Key players: 

Paul Woolston : He kept improving and he had some impressive saves this season unless I find someone exceptional, he will be our first choice keeper next season.

Bassala Sambou: the ex- Everton man was brilliant for us up front, scoring 30 goals and ending up the second top scorer in the league, hope he will bring his form to Sky Bet League Two.

Liam Smith: I think I said enough in the awards section.

Greg Taylor: was brought to cover our left back in September position and by the end of the season, he owned that LB position. he had a great season.

Callum Whelan: He had an immense partnership with Smith in the midfield and he was helpful in the defensive part of things too.

Charlie Scott: he was the rock in our defense covering up for my other defender's mistakes, played in 42 out of 46 league games this season. nothing more to say.

Sam Deering: He is playing way above his level, he had the third-highest average rating in the team.:applause:
Dayle Southwell: our assist king had a formidable partnership with Sambou up front.


Aaaaaaand........ the board is building a new Stadium which will probably murder our finances



Season          League          Position       FA Cup          FA Trophy          Top Scorer          Most Assists          Highest Avg Rating
2018/19         Vanarama South   1st           4th round       3rd round         Theophanous(21)       Modeste(12)            Theophanous(7.24)
2019/20       Vanarama national  1st          3rd round        3rd rounf         Sambou (30)        Southwell (11)            Smith (7.29)
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