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History- Past winners list


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This is about a cosmetic change but I think it will be a welcomed gesture. I feel that a simple mention of just one record holder is not enough. When teams share the record, only one is shown still. 


Ideally, we should have a bracket next to the winners and runners-up, and 3rd place I guess, showing how many times they've managed that spot. 


So 2015 champions list in the EPL should read:

Winner - Runner up - Third placed

Chelsea (5) - Man City (5) - Arsenal (9)

and the 2017 should read:

Chelsea (6) - Tottenham (5) - Man City (5)


The bracket feature already exists in the individual history page, so I don't get why it's not implemented in the full competition yet. 

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I’d second this.

Also can’t be bothered to open a new thread but it’s slightly similar so I’ll pop it In here. I always get really interested in too goalscorers of all time so I think it would be cool if there was a top goalscorers history of all time for every league. When you get 20 years into the game it gets hard to keep track of.

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Also, another thing. Junior competitions also have an issue. The past winners are listed as Germany Under 18s or Italy Under 21s instead of Germany and Italy. Then you see the record holder and it says eg. Italy has the most Euro U21s with a record of 5 and in my save they've won 2 more so it should be 7, but it seems to count the "Italy" from the "Italy under 21s" differently. On Italy's history page everything looks fine, 7 trophies are listed. 

I've attached the screenshots.

European U21 Championship_ History Past Winners.png

European U21 Championship_ History Records.png

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