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Vantaggiato -surely a legend


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ive played fm08 since its release and ive had the usual suspects, briand, cavani, zarate, aguero etc.

im playing with sheff td and after gaining promotion in my 1st year, i decided mr sharp needed a strong cf next to him, after scouting italy, this guy popped and and for a measly 1.9m i snapped him up.


p26 goals 20 ass 12 ave 7.38

SEASON 2 (so far)

p31 goals 40 ass 12 ave 7.71

i know he is pretty well known round here, but i feel this guys deserves ;legendary status and his own thread...LEGEND

what does everyone think?

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i havnt been overly impressed...i got promotion first season and signed him for 2.4mill and he has struggled to get into my first team... so far played 9(7) scored 6 assited 4 and got 2 MoM. his average is 7.13.

Maybe he has not broken into my first team as stancu and thil have been performing ridiculously well for me up front

Thil- 24(5) goals 23 assists 11 MoM 6 times and average rating of 7.52

Stancu- 28(6) goals 22 assists 12 MoM 4 times and an average rating of 7.44

I see Daniele Vantaggiato as GOOD cover currently :)

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