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Tycoon Troubles

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So, I'm at Reading just about to head into a new season. I took over half way through the season just gone. Tycoon had taken over at the start of that season, Jaap Stam spent £50m & sh*t the bed.

Had £10m to spend in January, and then £4m left after the window closed.

Trouble is now heading into the new season, there is £18m in the bank, but the Club Finances are 'Insecure', the Club Value is '£0 (£15m debt)', 10% retention for player sales and a £250,000 transfer budget.

So, is Tycoon about to pack it in after only 1 year??

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Possibly, I've seen it happen but there are also different types of tycoons.

Three types I think, one of them is a background one that will keep topping up the bank account as they feel its needed but they will be restricted by FFP/league rules.

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