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Setting future World Cup and Euro hosts


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I'm a bit new to editing on FM so forgive me it this is a NOOBi question, but I was sarching these forums for hours without finding an answer. I guese that either nobody ever tried it, or that it is such an easy task nobody had to ever ask for help with it.

Basically, I'm using the PRE-game editor and I want to set the future of the save so that World Cups and Euros will take place in specific countries of my choosing* from the begning of the save in 2016. I'm breaking my head for a couple of days on how I can make this work - but tempering with the competition's "History" section does not help, and I coud'nt find any clues by looking at the profiles of confirmed future tournement hosts like Russia. Is it just something that isn't possible to via editing or am I just really dumb and can't see an answer that's seating there right under my nose?

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it is possible to do 

set any comp a nation eg below WC to Belarus


add nation rules Belarus-

add lower divisions

convert to advanced rules

you will now see FIFA WC in the list of comps 

select the possible host and edit accordingly 

If you are unsure this has all been explained in FAQ's here take time to have a read of them there is a lot of good stuff we put up there 



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