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Okay, so this is a pretty simple idea that might be difficult to execute/create.

Simply put the idea is to create an external add-on to enable the community to edit various aspects of the match engine.


Firstly we could edit/nerf the overpowered parts of the match engine, balance out the various formations and positions that perform astronomically better than the others.

It would also enable you to focus more on adding features and non-match engine aspects of the game. Its similar to enabling us to substitute in graphics we should be able to substitute in tuning data to make the game play more like how we want it to. This would then enable the magnificent community to produce a more real to life match engine each update rather than us waiting for a patch so that we can find the next OP formation/positions/roles.


Features within this tool:

- Editing the role mentalities, base closing down, defensive and offensive positioning
- Editing various match engine elements such as crossing, through balls, headers, mistakes, goalkeeper save rates, finishing accuracy, tackling and card rates.
- Editing what attributes effect what match engine components
- Ability to create new roles


This could put the match engine on a whole new level without you having to really do much at all!
Other games who have done this successfully include the Civilisation series which has taken off multiplayer wise with the community modding support.

In short, allow us the play and tune the game to perfection.

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