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Why is my transfer budget so unrealistically low?

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5 hours ago, Henry Shepherd said:

22 Million transfer budget when I start a Real Madrid save? How can I edit this before I start the save? I literally cannot buy anyone and my board will not give me any more money. 

At the start of the game clubs have already spent money IRL as the database is set as at the end of the summer transfer window.

With clubs having already spent a lot of money IRL then transfer budgets of all clubs will be much less.

There is a tick box on the setup screens where you can take that off and receive a budget more in line with the money the club have in the bank.



Actually looking at Real Madrid IRL for that window they only spent 30m Euros so its possible they were restricted in some way in terms of what they could spend.

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To shine a bit of light on transfer budgets, quite early in the process we set the budgets we believe each club is willing to spend (willing, not capable of) and any transfers that then happen are deducted from this pool. So if Real Madrid spent around €30m as @Cougar2010 mentions then it suggests Real Madrid had an initial budget of €50m set by researchers.

We don't include the sums of money that a club might look to spend on one particular marquee signing. So even if Neymar hadn't joined PSG, it wouldn't have made sense to put up PSG's transfer budget by another €200m, there was the money to spend on Neymar, but that money wasn't really there to be spending on squad players to bolster the rest of the team. 

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