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[Suggestion] A few ideas to improve Pre Season

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In the footballing world, Pre Season is one of the most important & chaotic periods in a clubs season …. Training camps, enduring transfer saga’s, board meetings and of course the lucrative friendlies to please the commercial partners.
In Football Manager, I cant help but feel that Pre Season is no more than a few clicks of the "Continue"  button, with the odd player transfer thrown in (should you have enough money) and maybe a week long training camp to Spain which has no real effect on the game itself.

Would it be at all possible for the Pre Season madness of the real world to be simulated in the Pre Season world of Football Manager?? Below are some of the ideas I feel would help blend the two worlds together.

Board suggest friendlies based on commercial requirements.
(We would like to play against either Club A, Club B or Club C in the USA as part of our commercial obligations)
Board suggest Training Camp locations based on commercial requirements.
(Please select which two weeks you would like to spend in China as a result of our commercial obligations)
Pre Season tournaments with added income
(We have been invited to play in the X Cup in Australia)
*The results of these meetings to  be kept in place even if the manager is removed from their position.
(a similar situation happened when LVG was unhappy with Man United's pre seasons plans that were put in place by the previous manager/commercial requirements)

Interviews whilst on Training Camps or Pre Season Tours – reflect on upcoming season or latest in-game transfer/football news.

Clubs transfer activity is often impacted by other clubs Pre Season plans.
(Club A has to wait for Club B to return from tour in China before continuing negotiations)
Players arriving for medicals! In today's world, players jetting off around the world for a Pre Season/Mid Season medical is big news.
(Player X arrives for Club A medical) or (Player X jets in for Club A medical)

Would love to hear your thoughts, responses and/or feedback on these suggestions.


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Great Idea! Pre Season period have to get some improvements.

All metioned above sounds good!

Also Pre Season/Training Camp trainings have to be more notable:  everyday feedbacks from coaches, team doctors about players form, medical conditions... Physical and tactical practices with more evaluation. Detailed Report from coaching staff at the end of Training camp about changing player's skills.

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A good idea for those users who wish to be totally immersed in the detail of the game.  Another irritant for those who want to get to the important parts ( in their eyes).

Perhaps could be implemented with an opt in/out option like the transfer deadline day.

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I like the pre-season suggestions. Tournaments such as the Premier League Asia trophy ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premier_League_Asia_Trophy ) the International champions Cup ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Champions_Cup ) are happening now and are an established part of football life. You could have the premier league Asia trophy rotating around asia (it's been in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore so far), and the ICC being held across America, Europe, Asia and Australia. 


I don't like the idea of being told you can't do a deal as that players in China or wherever, I think that will frustrate people more than anything. I think having a medical one day before the signing will add to the atmosphere and give the player a chance to pull the deal if they get last minute second thoughts.

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