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The space between our midfield and defence is too big.

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I'm seeing this a lot in my assistant's feedback, and I'm sort of wondering why, as I'm unsure if my roles are actually a bad thing here.


This is my defensive set up:





It seems reasonable to me, I'm playing on Standard/Structured. 


I just wonder if it is because of the ball winner and his tendency to be a bit further up the pitch? I'm only seeing a genuine gap when the opposition has  an extra man in the middle, mostly because the BWM does get back into a defensive position and only stays in what might be a risky position if his opposite number (who he is marking) happens to hang back and be more defensive.


So, should I be worrying about this, or is this something to dismiss out of hand? =/

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dont worry it says this about my team,

cb d cb c cb d

rm a cm s DLP D cm s lm a


the weird thing is that my DLP sits quite deep... however i think i may have just noticed why... if i play Sneijder there he doesnt say it but if i play Nouri (im Ajax btw) he has moves into channels so maybe he sits further forwards? It doesnt seem like he does but maybe thats why it says it.


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