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apply to join another league system?

Caradog Owen

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Historically, many Welsh clubs have applied to join the English pyramid after developing to a certain stage or level. Swansea are currently a Premier League Club but they used to play in the Welsh Football League decades ago ( I think this is correct).


In Football Manager can a Welsh Club apply to join the English pyramid?  If so how?  If not - can this be edited in? and if it cannot why don't they make it a feature??


I understand that strict conditions would have to be met to allow this - but why can it not be a feature of the game?  Is it not realistic?  I mean TNS are dominant in the Welsh Premier League and there has been talk for years of them joining the English pyramid.


Any thoughts ???

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It isn't possible. Drawing teams for a league is quite sensitive as it is now. You can't change a lot about the way teams are drawn. 

It should've been a possibility but it's technically impossible for now. Unfortunately 

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