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GOODBYE 3421 & 3430 FM17.3.`Knap tested with Spurs

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On 2017-05-08 at 14:13, knap said:

I have found that this tactic of yours works very well. In your opinion, what are the advantages with TI playing much narrower and also instructing your wingbacks to sit narrow and cut inside? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this. This is the opposite to Conte instructing his wingbacks to stay wider and attack down the line.

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What a great tactic. It is working instantly for me (5 games, 5 wins). 

I am getting close to the end of the season and it looks like a promotion. So I except to bring in a couple of new players, and therefore I could use your thoughts on what the kind of attributes the different positions require?

I guess teamwork and workrate is crucial for the tactic to work and passing must be important as well but what else have you seen after playing with this formation for a whole season? 

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Which BPD closes down "sometimes", and which "much more"?

It's a bit unclear from the screenshots, and if you get that wrong, you're potentially leaving massive gaps in your defence to be exploited.


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Just started a save with Sevilla using 3430 and beat Madrid 2-0 in the UEFA Super Cup and Barca 6-1 on agg in Spanish Super Cup, Really Amazing.

Only question is what ppms would you recommend for 3 SS ?

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Hi Knap I really love the strikerless tactic. I have promoted to the premier league with Charlton Athletic with it. But now I am building a team to survive and trying to become champions.

Do you have filters for the players? Or maybe some key attributes to search for?

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I have attribute masking on, so don't use filters.

I think you can search based on players, and Eriksen is a star at SS,and you can retrain Kane to a SS. Players that are AMRCLST should add pace.


This was one of my Frees at Ebbsfleet, for anyone in LL.



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I've run the WOF 3421 for 4 seasons and won the PL each season. Also Squad at end of the 4 seasons for player search purposes.












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