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Grimaldo or Gaya?

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Man, that's a tough one.
I really like both of these guys. I bought Grimaldo in my FM16 save, couldn't afford Gaya.

Grimaldo is a little bit better technically (dribbling+long shots=provide more in attacking situations).
Mentally they are almost the same, but Gaya has better work rate and off the ball.
Gaya is better physically.
I would say Gaya is an 85% and Grimaldo an 83%.

How much potential do each one of them have?
Is it the CWB at the back four or the one higher up the pitch?
Do you mind about the 12m difference or are you very rich ingame?
Do you mind about the name Gaya (gay-a) :D?

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I am using Gaya at the moment for Valencia. He regularly scores above 7 ratings for me as a FB (Attack), even chipping in with some Alba esque goals once in a while. The only downside is that he is fairly injury prone. Cannot comment about Grimaldo though.

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Thank you all.

This was a very tough decision for me but i decided to go for Grimaldo, he has better dribbling and his average rating is always amazingly high n my saves, and much higher compared to Gaya.

He was much more expensive (agent fees were higher too), i hope i dont regret lol.

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