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Zidanes 4231

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I have adapted this tactic from Zidanes 433 which I picked up on FM base.

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Its defensively sound I have taken Norwich from the championship to 2nd in the prem, won a World Cup with France and the league with Barca, after selling the elite players and rebuilding the squad.

The key is the AM positioned right of centre.  Going forward its a 4231 but when the ball the AM drops into a midfield 3 who press the ball.  

The two midfielders must have good stamina and workrate as they will get through a lot of work, I typically sub them at 70 minutes.

Wide players and Striker should be pacey 15+

I have no OIs its pure plug and play



ZIDANE 4-3-3 V3april194231_DEB97ABB-E351-43A7-99E4-F5287A8A84F7.fmf

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