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iPad buying advice

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Hi all,


i currently have have an iPad 4 which FM touch isn't compatible with. Ive been waiting for a new iPad to be released for a while as I saw rumours about it so didn't want to dive in and buy what is currently on offer. I am undecided whether I should buy the new iPad that has been announced or wait for a new iPad Pro or just buy the current iPad Pro. 


What I want to understand is, what are the main requirements for FM to run well on an iPad now and for at least the next 2/3 releases? Any help or reviews from people that play on different iPad models would be appreciated.



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The new ipad is more of a budget ipad so the lower cost will come at a price.personally i play on a 12.9 ipad pro,and couldnt recommend it enough,but depends what your budget is,the 12.9 and 9.7 pro will be compatible for years.i wanted to upgrade to the ipad pro 2 but at the moment it would be pointless because the game is made to run properly on lower spec ipads so the power of a pro 2 would just be going to waste.if money isnt an issue then for me it would be 12.9 pro or 9.7 pro

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  • SI Staff
8 hours ago, alexferguson91 said:

what are the main requirements for FM to run well on an iPad now and for at least the next 2/3 releases

As a general rule, the more recent the version, the better. We can't project the next 2 or 3 releases about system requirements, it would only be speculative to suggest anything. Generally Tablets are much more consumable devices than a desktop with a shorter half life.

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Although many people say that iPad Pro will be very powerful in the future. Memory storage is important, and if you have 64 or 128 memory  FMT works better. Its powerful processor, 4gb ram, when it is only 2GB for most tablets running on games,  iPad pro 12.9 double. But, I am sorry, I beg to differ. It performed very badly on my iPad pro 12.9, and I think the old iPad models area better depending on the price.

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Im running FMT 2019 on my iPad Air 2. Gameplay is buttery smooth. The iPad heats up during match processing but its fine given the smoothe experience during matches. I love it. 

Though, I'm finding the 9.7" screen a little too small for comfort. May upgrade to the 12.9" in the future specifically for this game! 

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