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Enhanced relationships with other managers

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I'd like to see the relationships you hold with other managers improved, I think the current system is a bit basic and predictable. Firstly, you are instantly liked/disliked by other managers based on the teams you like or manage but that shouldn't dictate whether you hold a good relationship with a rival club manager. Mourinho and Fergie famously got on well despite going head to head many times. Also, it never seems to develop beyond "feels the two of you could become friends" as opposed to "friends", "good friends" etc. I'd also like to see your relationship with a manager displayed in line for quick reference when asked in press conferences as I often check before giving my answer. Finally, then you should be able to contact other managers more freely - how many times have we heard about managers calling up Fergie for advice or to see if they can loan a player etc?

Therefore, I'd like to see this become more meaningful so that you can leverage such relationships to your advantage. Primarily this would be in the transfer market, say if you manage a smaller team but you have built up a good relationship with another manager as noted above, you can ask them if they have a specific player they can loan you or even sell to you and hopefully you get a more favourable deal.

Contacting other managers more freely should also open up the ability to talk to managers who have loaned your players too because you can't speak to them if they aren't playing your player or playing them out of position unless your assistant manager highlights it first.

Finally this should help when you are trying to offload a player so that can contact managers you have a good relationship with and inform them of players that they could benefit from, whether on loan or permanently.

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Some good ideas there.

I'd certainly like to have a hint of a managers opinion of me when I get asked about the at press conferences, a bit like how a quick one liner of a players injury status is when you asked a question if a injured player will be playing. 

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Only ever seen it develop from 'Feels the two of you could become friends' once, and that was on FM14 when I ended up in Nigel Clough's favoured personnel. No idea why though, cause I don't remember particularly praising him that much.

Some great ideas here though.

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