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the FMH 2008 awards

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Hello and welcome to the first ever FMH 2008 awards ceremony. Here we will vote on the following categories:

Best Player,

Best Young Player,

Best Undiscovered Player,

Best Value for money,

Best underrated player,

Worst Player,

Most disappointing/overrated Player,

Best Team,

Worst Team,

Best Feature,

Worst Feature, (if any)

Best New Forum Poster,

Worst Forum Poster, (i know that will be easy)

Best Forum Poster,

Most contributive poster(by that i mean who has given us the most)

Funniest forum poster,

Best Challenge,

Best forum moment

Best Story of season(SOM)

If you think of any other categories please pm me and ill add them on!

Happy voting

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like the idea, its in! i think that will be out of 2 who wins that in my opinion

also when you post the result will you post the top three people. Or when you have the results tell us the top three then we have to vote on these three only as to who wins because some of the awards are quite wide opening meaning that you have 20 people with different answers.

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yeah i think that category is a one horse race!

I was thinking of making this a proper awards ceremony where i will pm a category to you all you then read out the nominations, you then send your final votes to me and then i will tell the person the winner who than announces it. What do you think?

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plus it will help as a few categories dont have a clear leader everybody has chosen different ones but hopefully that will change

yeah that why i suggested it becuase otherwise we could have 12 people with one vote each otherwise. I bet worst forum poster is close though!!!

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