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Help with away tactic required

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Hi All - long time reader, first time poster,

I've been playing FM17 for awhile now, with the latest version I played prior to this one being FM14. I have read, and re-read, all the posts on here from the very experienced players of this game, and I think I have created a decent tactic for my Everton save (see below). The problem is, this tactic is brilliant for home games where I will often win by 4 or 5 goals, however away from Home it is a disaster, and I can't find a tactic that works away from home. Anytime I score in an away game, a team will immediately change to more attacking tactics and score, even if I go more defensive. I played one game against Tottenham and nearly through my laptop across the room. I saved just before playing the game and played it out 5 times. Each time I lost, even if I had more CCC's - in one game I missed 2 penalties and they were down to 10 men for 75 mins of the game, and I still lost 2-1 - very frustrating.


Anyway, not being one to just complain, I thought I would turn to the experienced players on this site (which I have followed for years). I notice alot of the experienced guys on here have said they really only need to make small changes to their existing tactic for away games - so my question is, what am I doing wrong. Below you will see my attacking tactic, and also the defensive one I am working with. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am getting very frustrated with the game, I have tried multiple different away tactics, and it is becoming unenjoyable for me.

I have attached screens of my successful (at home) attacking tactic, and what I am currently working with for the defensive tactic, I am will try anything and take on board any advice here as I am at a loss.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/comments :)

att tactic.JPG

att tactic instructions.JPG

def tactic.JPG

def tactic instructions.JPG

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Defensively in my opinion it looks okay, however your left flank could let you down with the structure. I'd change from fluid (letting the guys have the freedom) to highly/structured. Your rmd needs changed to a more support duty as I personally believe it's an attacking role. 

Could also drop your defensive line.another good way to add onto your tactic is using the match report to find out their strengths and playing to that. 

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Your going from an all out pressing attacking tactic to a sit deeper more cautious tactic which requires different qualities.  

I'd try to stick with what my players are good at and have variation around that area.  If my main tactic uses control mentality a drop to standard is quite a big change, so going from attacking to counter are massive.

You need to analyse what your main sources of goals and good chances are and try to keep it in all variations.  You might lose a little of the positives but if you remove a lot of the negatives you should get more consistency. Changing roles / instructions randomly or starting a 2nd tactic from scratch risks losing what you do well whilst not fixing the issues.  Without info on what is happening any changes suggested are assuming a lot. 

Specifically your "away" tactic I am not sure what your plan is.  I'm not sure how a DF-D and a RMD-A would combine? If you want men behind the ball you need to position them like that so a 4141 would make more sense.  If your just using counter to lower the number of risks but want your wide players staying high to assist with pressing high then I would adjust the pressing and d-line.

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