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Football Manager 2017 Update 17.1.2 OUT NOW!

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Hello everyone.

As some of you may already have noticed we've just released a small update today, 17.1.2. This is mainly to address some stability issues, but also included are a couple of other fixes for issues raised since we released Football Manager 2017. A full change list is included below.

As always the update is fully save game compatible and if you don't immediately get the update, please exit and restart Steam. 

Please don't be disheartened if you've raised an issue elsewhere and it's not included in this change list, we are aware there are other issues which have been raised and as always we're working to address them as soon as we can.

As promised, here's the changelist below:


- Fixed rare crashes during gameplay and shutdown
- Fixed game launching to black screen on Windows w/ incomplete DirectX installation
- Fixed match graphical corruption on Macs w/ integrated Intel HD 3000/4000 chipsets
- Fixed occasional lag on entering player profile screen

- Fixed calendar displaying wrong month
- Fixed storage of custom views
- Fixed saving of 'Highlight key attribute for role' preference
- Fixed Role Ability and RDS not displaying correctly for international teams

- Fixed rare case of player not returning from loan

As always please keep any feedback within the Feedback Thread.

Many thanks.

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