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-10 pa


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I was looking into editing a database for the first time, and I was reading several threads throughout the forums and some mention "-10 PA". I was just wondering what this meant?

I apologise if this has been brought up before, but I cant search the forums as the search words of "-10 PA" are too short to be included.



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I read somewhere the minus potential numbers worked out as follows:

-10= 180-200

-9= 160-190

-8= 140-170

-7= 120-150

-6= 80-110

-5= 60-90

-4= 40-70

-3= 20-50

-2= 10-40

-1= 1-30

Don't know if its true and I don't have a source since I can't remember where I saw it but even if its not true it something similar. It means the majority of the time the "higher" (although technically lower) -8, -9, -10 players will become much better than the -6,-5 players; but potentially, in some games a -9 potential player will hit 190 whilst a -10 potential player might only hit 180. I could be wrong though.

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