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[FM17] How can you set the Tab Bar to be the team secondary color ?


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After researching my previous year skins I cannot find how to change the tab bar to the teams secondary color....i.e for Wimbledon...Titlebar would be blue with yellow text, Tab Bar would be yellow with blue text.


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Not too bad....i can't see the in-game editor button or the help button....but I know where they are if I need them....so I'm satisfied...(using the Flut skin beta as my base skin) ........See below..


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11 hours ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

The problem we had with that last year was that there is no way to change the colour of the dropdown arrows - you get the teams secondary colour or you get black.

Hi michael,

that's interesting because I've tried to change the arrow colour and now I'm not surprised why it didn't worked.

Anyway, only black arrows would also great for me. Could you please explain what is needed to change the arrow colour into black permantly?

Another point is, is it possible to call a additional team colour based on editor team/text colours? The only 2 colours which are known are (primary = tbcl) and (secondary =ttcl)


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13 hours ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

The problem we had with that last year was that there is no way to change the colour of the dropdown arrows - you get the teams secondary colour or you get black.

There is a way to changed that:

Should work with a primary colour... The only problem was an appearance of that icon...

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18 hours ago, D_LO_ said:

Yeah I noticed that it does throw it off a bit (I personally view it as a small compromise though as I've made the text white which kind of goes with anything, others may disagree)

Kind of in the same ball-park as what Onyewu is alluding to... out of interest is there a way to change the colouring of the board advice icon and date pop up? I've successfully changed the FM button and in-game editor but the other two are proving to be a pain. Tried the associated graphic configs at least for date and adding icon properties into client object browser, i.e. 

which as I say works for some. Should say I have all of these buttons on the action-bar hence the client object's relevance.


Date on the header is controlled by the 'skins\fm\panels\widgets\current game date widget' xml file - The text colours can be changed directly from that file, whilst for the buttons if you follow the appearance lines you just need to edit the colours declared in the associated xml files.

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21 minutes ago, D_LO_ said:

You've done well to adapt it, have you changed the base colour? I guess the sky-blue isn't the worst to adapt to secondary but I'm surprised by your results if you haven't changed it. The tab bar background looks good with it.

Funnily enough on my down-time from editor I've been playing with this idea but taking it a bit further making everything primary/secondary. Competition buttons are proving to be a pain though. It's always the fonts... 

Anyway this is my experimentation with the bars. Might change the sidebar secondary, looks just as good if not better for the lowered sidebar as it connects to the tab bar. 


Very Nice  I like the flush line above the sidebar

i only used the red ones from your pack, mixed in with my own xmls for them and then the inset to bring the size inline. and opacity to it in with my header paper file.

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18 minutes ago, Wells said:

TO me I don't really fancy changing the tab bar to secondary color, I like keeping the teams primary color and maybe give it little transparency and shadows and gradient.


Nice work, wells..

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4 hours ago, wkdsoul said:

Quick follow up on this, can i remove the arrows from the drop down tab bar menu only? 

I would reverse engineer within the classes folder... The starting point is the sections menu strip (gotten from client object ) and the menu it draws from within seems to be the section popup button (top line). Look within this xml, again in classes, for a line like: 

<flags id="icon_enabled" value="true"/>

This may possibly cover a few menus though so copying and renaming the xmls and their paths within the classes files and the client object respectively might be preferable i.e. sections_menu_strip2 in client object & section_popup_button2 within the sections_menu_strip(2). I've applied this principle to other class xmls so I'd be somewhat surprised if you couldn't here. 

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