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Thanks for pointing this out @DarthRob! It has happened to my fixture packs also -

If you are using Sweden and USA, they contain the results (because of the early start of the league). Each team managed to draw every game... A thrilling pair of leagues!

Hopefully will be fixed in the next release.

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There's a slight problem with the Ukrainian leagues and Russian First Division. In the second halves of the seasons, the year is set to "2016" when it should be set to "2017". The days and months are correct. It's a simple fix in notepad using Replace.

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Sorry to resume this old topic, but I need help implementing real fixtures.

I created real fixtures for Isthmian League Premier 2016/17 and I imported them through the editor following all the necessary steps, but when I test the fixtures they are reandomised both in the editor and in game. I tried to import the fixtures in different databases with English lower leagues activated and edited with basic rules, but with no luck.

It's a really strange problem, cause all the fixtures created by @frankthetank87 are correctly working, however mine are not recognized by the game and I don't understand if and where I could possibly did something wrong.

I attached the txt file with real fixtures for Isthmian Premier. If someone want to test it and help me, it would be great.

England - Ishtmian League Premier 2016-17.txt

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