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FM 2017 Fantasy Draft Leagues - All Welcome


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Brought to you by the people behind The Versus 2013 Leagues (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/356680-PGC-Versus-the-King-of-The-Hill )

& 2014 competition

The Premiership Clan is happy to present the Versus Online games KING OF THE HILL for FM 2017

Having not been able to run the competition for FM 2016 due to technical issues we have completed testing for FM17 and can confirm that the issues previously are no longer relevent.

We will no longer use Imported Teams but will now embrace the Fantasay Draft Feature using the Transfer Budget of 250 Million ( Rich ) with no Mid Season Draft, Small Player Pool ( 1500 players ) and 5 min Draft round time limit.

We will use the League option ( 2-6 players playing eachother twice ) in order to run the competition.

The results are recorded and documented in League Tables on these forums as we did previously.

Games will be hosted on an ad-hoc basis from Thursday to Sunday evening. There will be a new Steam group to notify players of the scheduled games and also to utilise the Group Chat Feature on steam so players can communicate during the games.

These game are open to everyone and we want as many people to play as possible. This year we also have the ability to add AI Managers as there are multiple AI Setups now available and these will also be incorperated into the leagues.

Another new Feature is the ability to do Teamtalks and Opposition instructions which has previously been looked upon as a negative by some players so hopefully this will bring those players to the table.

Also with Fantasy Draft you also get to Create your own Club so you can create a Club that is Unique to you.

If this is something you would like to do you can PM me your details (steamid , Skype) so when I host a game I can send you a PM and add you to the new Steam Group. Also if you are browsing the steam server list and see PC All Welcome then feel free to join.

Normally I have found that a 6 human team league playing home and away takes about 1 hour to 2 hours but with the addition of the actual Draft this may take a little longer.   I will always save the game after every round of matches so if the game crashes I can reload the game and progress will not be lost.

This thread can also be used by the competing players to comment and post and how they have done.

Any questions just PM me.

Good luck and have fun. I look forward to seeing you all on the Touchline.


Premiership Clan

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On 06/11/2016 at 08:45, OldManPar77 said:

Hi, never done the fantasy draft but really fancy giving it a go.

Steam - markr77uk if there is opportunity for invite?   cheers

Added you on Steam and will invite you to the Steam Group. Was going to do 1 Friday night but i think there may be a little friendly match on.

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2 hours ago, dcu223 said:

Added you on Steam and will invite you to the Steam Group. Was going to do 1 Friday night but i think there may be a little friendly match on.

Cheers. Yeah just a wee match haha! cheers. Look forward to a game sometime soon.

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2 hours ago, soodude said:

Hi... I would like to join in the game.



HI M8,

The game is now full - I can reserve a spot for you for next week if you like - Send me your details and il invite you to the steam group.


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Please note at the moment i am Hosting Games every Friday Evening.

To Expand the competition it would be good to get more competitions in but in order to do that i need more Hosts ( Ideally 1 per evening ). So if you fancy being a Host please contact me.

Hosts :

Monday - Available

Tuesday - Available

Wednesday - Available

Thursday - Available

Friday - Belly

Saturday - Available

Sunday - Available

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