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Well, we are now heading into the ninth year of this challenge. It has been an incredible six years around here with some great stories, clubs, and players. Rlipscombe, Iacovone and Myself are looking forward to another great year. This challenge is similar to dafuge's, Gundo's & others, starting with a previously unplayable club and taking them all the way to a National Title and then on to the European Champions League. With a variety of leagues, styles of play, different rules, and many different locations for your clubs there can be a lot of variety throughout the thread, a great atmosphere and fun with all our users. 

Special credit to Duccio for the logo atop this years challenge.

General Challenge Info



Possible Countries

France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Portugal | Russia | Spain | Turkey

League Rules

Top Divisions

France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Portugal | Russia | Spain | Turkey

2nd Divisions

France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Portugal | Russia | Spain | Turkey

3rd Divisions

France | Germany | Italy | Portugal | Spain | Turkey


League Reset Dates

June 20th - France, Germany, Russia & Turkey

June 30th - Portugal & Italy

July 7th - Netherlands

July 10th - Spain

The Rules


A) Game Set-up

1) Load One Nation Only (All Available Divisions within your nation)
2) Your choice of Database Size (Large Recommended)
3) NO Edited Databases of any kind
4) Customising Database 
  • You can add players to the database up to a limit of 100,000 in total - Change for people wanting more variety in their DB

Suggested Adds

  • Players from Top Clubs/Top Divisions (Europe or All Continents) - This increases the challenge at Continental Level
  • Players Based in your Nation - This can add up to 50% more players to your game
  • Players Based in your Region (Central Europe/East Europe/UK & Ireland) - This can add extra players likely to join your club
  • There will be a file correcting the club/competition names, I will advise use of this.
  • NO other additional customising is allowed.
5) Attribute Masking should be Enabled (In FM17 this means UNTICKED)
6) Disable Ingame Editor (Please do this)
  • Add Key Staff (This will give you a Scout, Physio & Ass Man by generating them if your club is without)
  • Add Players in Playable Nations (This will ensure all clubs have a minimum number of players, generating them if needed)

The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference.


B) Steps in the Game

1) Add an unemployed manager, you will not use this man to manage your club. I like "Unemployed Man or Holiday Man"
2) Go on holiday until the reset date of your chosen nation (Should take about an hour)
will make it go faster. (Remember to change it back afterwards)
TIP - Saving on the day before this date may give you a better choice of teams by reloading the game then going on holiday for one day, I would strongly recommend trying this.
3) Add a new manager - Use yourself, or a created character to help build a story line
- Your Choice
- Your Choice
c) Past Experience lowest Possible (Generally Sunday League)
d) Coaching Licenses lowest Possible (None)
e) Other options are up to you
TIP - If you add the language of your country of choice it will make it easier at the beginning
TIP - Training now includes you at some level depending on your abilities.
4) Choose to take over any club which has been promoted to the bottom playable league of your nation.
TIP - Easiest way in FM17 to see this is on the "Season Review" screen, showing the "Promoted Clubs"
TIP - You can confirm your club by checking the Domestic History's page for not being at this level since start of game
5) Retire your unemployed manager.
6) Manage your club to National Title & European Champions League Victory
7) Completing the 'Big' Euro Challenge.


C) Signing of Players

1) You must be able to scout them
TIP - You don't actually have to scout them, just be able to
TIP - You can check your scouting range on the Scouting page
2) Alternatively (If you can't scout them), you must bring them on a trial first
3) You are able to sign anyone sent to you via Agent Offer
TIP - Make sure you screenshot the Agent offer
4) In later versions you can get your DoF to find players, he will bring in players not in Scouting Range, these are also allowed.
TIP - Grab a screenshot of your DoF signing them


D) Posting

1) Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this)
2) Discussion of tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this)

Expected Updates

We have minimum expectations when it comes to a first up post and also in the end of season updates. The Bold pages are necessary for everyone, the others are some suggestions that will get others interested in your posts and following your club. All other screenshots are welcome and encouraged, but we please ask that the majority are posted as links, because lots of pictures can make the page very slow to load.


First Post:


Domestic Leagues History (Club)

Profile (Manager)

Overview (Club)

Squad (Club)


End of Season Updates:

Transfers (Club) - This is so we can see the ins & outs

League Table (Competition)

Squad (Club)

Information (Manager)

Profile (Manager)

Information (Club)

Profile (Players)


I will show some examples of updates down below in the next posts so you can see some of the stuff previously posted. Progress of your club should be documented using this thread, we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing badly. If you title your end of season report in bold this makes it easier to identify. Everyone will be supportive, and really get into your game if you give more detail, I also provide a list of some previous star players that may have become household names in this thread.


E) Other

  1.  If you are Sacked
    1. You can Restart from the beginning or;
    2. Continue your game and pick a new club (Under Same Rules) at the end of the next season or;
    3. Add another Big Euro League/Remove Current League, holiday a whole season and continue
      1. You can still only have one nation running at a time
      2. Once the league becomes active you MUST holiday a full season
      3. The club must be one of those unplayable from the beginning
  2. No Restrictions on Parent or Feeder Clubs
  3.  International Management allowed from FM14 forwards (But you cannot start as an International Manager)

The use of any external utilities and editors (Such as Genie Scout or FMM) are prohibited. As of FM14 there are also unlockables, these are also prohibited, please don't use them. It would be appreciated if you also ticked the box at the start which prevents the use of the ingame editor.


How to Post a Screenshot

1) While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard).

2) Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image

3) Save the file as a JPEG or PNG

4) Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack

5) Post the direct Url to the image here.

Alternatively using ALT + F9 in game saves a screenshot to your user data folder. (You can also edit this in the shortcuts options)

The LLR Motivational

Finally I would like to wish everyone taking on this challenge the best of luck on a long and hard journey to managerial success!

The atmosphere and contribution in this thread has always been excellent, long may it continue. As core members for every year, LLR, rlipscombe, Iacovone and PRDH would like to add that we are here to help for the new challengers and hope everybody that participates contributes considerably to the thread. There is nothing better than getting immersed not only in your own game but providing the encouragement to other people's attempts too. Remember we are all fighting the same battle - to defeat the AI (and uncover fabulous newgens!) - therefore it goes without saying that any form of cheating will be severely chastised. Don't do it! We have had an incident in the past, lets not see it again - it spoils the challenge for the hard workers in here. :)


Note: All the screenshots etc are from when I last ran the challenge in 2015, so I will do my best to update them in the coming week, but this is it for now.

Edited by Lower Leagues Rule
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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Euro Challenge's History

The Origins of this Challenge were in FM2008 when JoseRR realised there was a gap between the Gundos & Dafuges challenges, the Bigger Nations of Europe were being left out. Over the years we have picked up other nations as they have been left out, whether Turkey as it got higher in reputation, we lost Netherlands in the same adjustments. We have also added Scotland and Ireland as they lost promotion/relegation to the lower divisions. This thread has always been more about the community and joining a bunch of like-minded individuals challenging for the ultimate goal of European Club Football.


Completions by Nation



Germany - 18


Italy - 12


Spain/ Portugal - 7

2   3


Nation Completions
France 5
Scotland 4*
Turkey 3
Russia 1
Netherlands 0

Completions by Year



FM 2012 - 17

FM 2010 - 12 1 FM 2011 - 8
2   3


Game Edition Completions
FM 2009 6
FM 2014 6
FM 2013 4
FM 2015 2
FM 2008/FM 2016 0


The Threads over the Years

JoseRR's FM08 Small Club to Big Club From a Big European Nation Challenge


In FM08 there was a very slow start, and it seemed to dawdle along until Rlipscombe joined and it started to pick up, then I came along (as Des Tiny) and we kept it going until we were joined by Iacovone and others. A great little thread and the beginnings of something much larger.



Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Division
Des Tiny (aka LLR) Italy Darfo Boario 2012/13 Serie C1/A
Rlipscombe Italy Como 2015/16 Serie A
Mark Snellink Italy Alessandria 2016/17 Serie B


The Facts

Completions: 0

Most Completions: 0

Most Clubs: 3 (Des Tiny)

Most Posts: 339 (Rlipscombe)

Most Used Club: Como (5 Users)


JoseRR's FM09 Big Euro Nation Challenge


FM09 was the peak of power for the Big Euro Challenge. The thread ended with an awards ceremony, there were over 6000 posts, a large number of completions and the best community spirit of any thread. It also managed to take out a few awards in the CSE awards at the end of the season.


Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
Iacovone Italy Savona EoS Report  2028/29
Ohanzee France FC Mulhouse EoS Report 2018/19
El Sid Germany Sachsen Leipzig EoS Report 2015/16
Daemonic Spain Real SD Alcala EoS Report 2020/21
PRDH Portugal Domegliara EoS Report 2025/26
Rlipscombe Spain Real Oviedo EoS Report 2019/20


Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
LLR Portugal AD Fafe 2028/29 Liga Sagres Win
TanO Portugal Monsanto 2032/33 Liga Sagres Win

The Awards Ceremony


The Facts

Completions: 6

Most Completions: 1 (Iacovone & 5 Others)

Most Clubs: 5 (LLR)

Most Posts: 1061 (LLR)

Most Used Club: Real Oviedo (5 Users)


FM10 Small Club to Big Club Big Euro Nation Challenge


2010 saw Iacovone post the opening of the thread and another 4500 posts or so, there were twelve completions as LLR finally managed it with Lusitano de Evora in Portugal. There were some excellent stories and the challenge continued in high spirits.


Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
Ohanzee Spain S.D. Noja EoS Report 2019/20
El Sid Germany Preußen Munster EoS Report 2018/19
Cookie15 Italy Pisa EoS Report 2015/16
Minisav Germany Darmstadt EoS Report 2013/14
WillyWonka Germany Stuttgart K. EoS Report 2017/18
Daemonic Italy Montevarchi EoS Report 2018/19
Razer82 Portugal Fafe Eos Report 2022/23
PRDH France SO Romorantin EoS Report 2026/27
StellaF1 Portugal Hospitalet EoS Report 2019/20
LLR Portugal Lusitano De Evora EoS Report 2028/29
G-Wiz Germany VfB Lubeck EoS Report 2020/21
Ohanzee Portugal Anadia EoS Report 2021/22


Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
Gilbster Scotland Elgin 2028/29 Scottish Champions
Ghostwriter Italy Angolana 2022/23 10th in Serie A
Iacovone Portugal Castillo 2025/26 Escaping 2nd Division
Rlipscombe Italy Venezia 2022/23 Coppa Italia Champs
PaulHartman France Libourne 2033/34 French Cup Champs


The Facts

Completions: 12

Most Completions: 2 (Ohanzee)

Most Clubs: 4 (LLR & Yababo)

Most Posts: 681 (Rlipscombe)

Most Used Club: Elgin City (11 Users)


FM11 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge


In 2011 LLR took over the running of the challenge, with assistance as always provided by Rlipscombe. The number of challengers dropped off a little, but the spirit in the thread continued once more as the core of players was the same that it had been for a few years now.


Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
Ohanzee Scotland Albion Rovers EoS Report 2025/26
ToMexico!! Germany Hallescher FC EoS Report 2021/22
Almondo Germany WSV Borussia EoS Report 2021/22
SnakeXe Italy Messina EoS Report 2029/30
El Sid Spain RC Ferrol EoS Report 2017/18
Dangermouse Italy Mantova EoS Report 2018/19
Ohanzee Italy Venezia EoS Report 2022/23
Minisav Germany RB Leipzig EoS Report 2015/16
AntiSpiral Italy Angri EoS Report 2027/28


Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
Biscotti Spain Oliveira BSC 2028/29 Europe League
Rlipscombe Italy Messina 2017/18 Serie A Survival
LLR Spain Haro 2022/23 3rd in Liga BBVA


The Facts

Completions: 8

Most Completions: 2 (Ohanzee)

Most Clubs: 5 (LLR)

Most Posts: 306 (Rlipscombe)

Most Used Club: Stuttgarter Kickers & Torpedo Moscow (4 Users)


FM12 Big Euro Challenge: Small Club to Big Club


In FM12 there was a massive resurgance in this challenge as it climbed over 5000 posts for the first time since FM09, while the rest of the CSE Forum seemed to be falling this challenge went back up again, the atmosphere is seen as a major part of this, and for the first time in CSE History we overtook Dafuge's Challenge as the largest number of posts.


Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
Toonbalmy Germany Wuppertal SV EoS Report 2017/18
Andy Sava Germany Holstein Kiel EoS Report 2028/29
El Sid Germany TuS Kobelnz EoS Report 2017/18
Marty78 France AS Cannes EoS Report 2023/24
Jimbowmanuk Scotland Elgin City EoS Report 2020/21
Berty1978 France Vitreenne FC EoS Report 2029/30
Almondo Spain Pena Sport FC EoS Report 2023/24
Minisav Germany Wuppertal SV EoS Report 2016/17
Welsh Wizard Russia FC Chita EoS Report 2017/18
Rlipscombe Germany SV Waldhof Mannheim EoS Report 2027/28
Stella F1 Italy Seregno EoS Report 2020/21
Aldojags France ES Viry Essonne EoS Report 2032/33
Iacovone Italy Novese EoS Report 2035/36
brettney1980 Turkey Dardanelspor AS EoS Report 2024/25
PRDH Portugal Lusitano Azores EoS Report 2037/38
Lenzar Scotland Annan Athletic EoS Report 2018/19
Vikeologist Scotland East Stirlingshire EoS Report 2030/31
Duccio Spain Real Avilla CF EoS Report 2020/21


The Facts

Completions: 18

Most Completions: 1 (Toonbalmy & 17 Others)

Most Clubs: 4 (LLR)

Most Posts: 647 (PRDH)

Most Used Club: Wuppertal SV


FM13 Big Euro Challenge


I had a shocker in 2013, as I never really got into the game and I struggled to enjoy it as much as I normally do. The thread seemed to suffer as the Careers Forum took over and it seems the players of the game got a bit older and had more going on in their lives. With the thread never reaching the heights of previous seasons. We still managed to see several completions through the season though as we saw some new players take them out.


Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
Makato Nakamura Turkey Sancaktepe Belediyespor EoS Report 2028/29
Marty78 Italy Cosenza Calcio EoS Report 2025/26
Soccerjoel Spain Castellon EoS Report 2025/26
Muggert Germany Wuppertal SV EoS Report 2034/35


Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
GwilymJJames Italy Cosenza Calcio 2031/32 2nd Serie A (Italian Cup)


The Facts

Completions: 4

Most Completions: 1 (Makato Nakamura & 3 others)


FM14 Big Euro Challenge


A bit of a downer season in FM14 as the core challengers from previous years all took time out, life is starting to get busy, but we still saw 6 completions, including a double from Duccio, in the past only Ohanzee has achieved this before. Great to see another challenger step up and make it through twice in one season.


Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
Duccio Portugal Juventude SC Evora EoS Report 2033/34
Andy Sava Germany Hessen Kassel EoS Report 2029/30
Ohanzee Germany Alemmania Aachen EoS Report 2021/22
JohnnyQuest Germany SV Waldhof Mannheim EoS Report 2033/34
Duccio Italy ASD Ragusa Calcio EoS Report 2037/38
StellaF1 Portugal U.Micaelense EoS Report 2024/25


Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
CJ'43 Portugal Aliados FC de Lordelo 2037/38 2nd Liga Sagres
Ohanzee Scotland Selkirk FC 2026/27 2nd Premiership
gb2003 Germany Rot-Weiss Essen 2025/26 6th Bundesliga


The Facts

Completions: 6

Most Completions: 2 - Duccio (Evora & Ragusa)

Most Clubs: LLR - 6 (Beauvais, Maia Lidador, Sakhalin, Nairn County, Arzachena, Lavagnese)

Most Posts: LLR - 252

Most Used Club: Alemannia Aachen - 4 (Rekluse, rlipscombe, Tecmo, Ohanzee)


FM15 Big Euro Challenge




Challenger Nation Club Completion Season
GwilymJJames Italy Cosenza Report 2034/35
IOA Turkey Gaziosmanpaşaspor Report 2051/52


Other Notables

Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
ArranoBeltza Spain Portugalete Report 2025/26
PaulHartman71 France Pau FC Report 2036/37
Tecmo Turkey Erzurum Bid. Report 2027/28
Romanista1994 Turkey Batman Petrolspur Report 2031/32
Iacovone Portugal AD Machico Report 2029/30


The Facts

Completions: 2

Most Completions: GwilymJJames & IOA


FM16 Big Euro Challenge



Challenger Nation Club Latest Report Achievement
Andy Sava Germany Viktoria Koln 2024/25 6th Bundesliga


The Facts

Completions: 0

Most Clubs: Andy Sava 2 (V.Koln & Vis Pesaro)

The Players of Big Euro

Some of the Star Players from our History

FM 2009
Player Position Team
Tommaso Cilona DC/DM/MC Savona
Jimmy Blixt AMRL Savona
Riccardo Rotunno ST Savona
Fabio Scognamiglio AMC Mulhouse
Artur Pestana GK Domegliara
Diego Pastore AM/FC Domegliara
Michael Dixon AM/FC Real Oviedo
Asier Galindo DC Real Oviedo
Aleksander Radakovic ST Fafe
Javier (YP4) DLC Real Oviedo


FM 2010
Player Position Team
Pedro Calzado AMC SD Noja
Ignacio Gallardo ST Pisa
Pieo Ezimendi FC Montevarchi
Marko Kresic AM/FC SO Romorantin
Daniel AM/FC Hospitalet
Ernesto Vazquez MC Evora
Francisco Javier Sanchez DC Evora
Pablo Almiron AM/FC Evora
Andrea Galliani ST VfB Lubeck
Patrick Wang ST Anadia
Gordon Hart AMC Castillo
Benjiman Orellana GK Venezia
Jerome Herbert DR/MRL FC Libourne-Saint Seurin
FM 2011
Player Position Team
Marco Francesconi ST Haro
Manuel Navarro ST Albion Rovers
Gokay Kok ST Hallescher
Ousame Zongo ST Mantova
Allan Chibwe ST Venezia
Hugo De Luca GK Oliveira do Bairro SC


FM 2012
Player Position Team
Lucas Roa ST Holstein Kiel
Luca Della Corna AMR Novese
Peter van Roosmalen AMRL Novese
Sebastian Pasquali ST Novese



FM 2013
Player Position Team
Iñaki Aguilera ST/M/AMC Real Ávila
Adrián Dasilva MC/AMC Real Ávila
Manuel Moral Muñoz MC/DM/AMC Real Ávila
FM 2014
Player Position Team
Orazio Calabrò ST/AMRLC Ragusa
Sebastiano Borgese MC/DM Ragusa
Pietro Catalfamo DC/DRL Ragusa


So I need some superstar players from FM12 onwards if you have any ideas let me know.

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Eligible Clubs

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Granville Lusitanos Le Puy Rodez
Saint-Malo Boulogne-Bilancourt Villefranche Toulon
Bergerac Entente SSG Chasselay MDA Mont de Marsan
Vitre Croix Montceau Frejus Saint-Raphael
Cholet Arras FA Mulhouse Colomiers
Chartres Drancy Jura Sud Tarbes
Fontenay Fleury Annecy Martigues
Chateaubriant Dieppe Raon-I'Etape Sete
Trelissac Amiens AC St-Louis Neuweg Marignane-Gignac
Romorantin Wasquehal Yzeure Hyeres
Plabennec Poissy Andrezieux Paulhan-Pezenas
Mantes Viry-Chatillon   Le Pontet
  Calais RUFC    


Reg. Nord Reg. Nordost Reg. West Reg. Sudwest Reg. Bayern
SV Meppen FC Carl Zeiss Jena FC Viktoria Koln SV Elversberg SpVgg Unterhaching
VfB Lubeck FC Energie Cottbus Wuppertaler SV 1. FC Saarbrucken VfR Garching
ESTV Weiche Berliner AK 07 SG Wattenscheld 09 SV Waldhof Mannheim FV Illertissen
Luneburger SK Hansa FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Bonner SC TSV Steinbach FC Memmingen
VfB Oldenburg Berliner FC Dynamo Alemannia Aachen KSV Hessen Kassel SpVgg Bayreuth
TSV Havelse SV Babelsberg 03 SV Rodinghausen FC 08 Homburg SV Wacker Burghausen
SV Drochtersen/Assel FSV Wacker 90 Nordhausen Rot-Weiss Essen Wormatia Worms 1. FC Schweinfurt 05
Lupo Martini Wolfsburg 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig SC Wiedenbruck Stuttgarter Kickers TSV 1860 Rosenheim
FC Eintracht Norderstedt 03 FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf Rot-Weiss Oberhausen SSV Ulm 1846 TSV Buchbach
VfV 06 Hildesheim VfB Auerbach SC Verl FK Pirmasens SV Seligenporten
1. Fc Germania Egestorf/Langreder FC Schonberg 95 TSG Sprockhovel TuS Kobelnz SV Schalding-Heining
BSV Schwarz-Weiss Rehden FSV 63 Luckenwalde Sportfreunde Siegen Teutonia Watzenborn-Steinberg SpVgg Bayern Hof
SV Eichede FSV Union Furstenwalde Rot Weiss Ahlen FC Astoria Walldorf  
  ZFC Meuselwitz   Kickers Offenbach  
  FSV Budissa Bautzen   SV Eintracht Trier 05  
  TSG Neustrelitz   FC Nottingen  


Girone A Girone B Girone C Girone D Girone E
Borgosesia Caravaggio Abano Adriese Argentina
Bra Cavenago Fanfulla Alto Vicentino Castelvetro Fezzanese
Bustese Ciliverghe Mazzano Union Arzignano Chiampo Colligiana FBC Finale
Caronnese Ciserano Belluno Correggese Gavorrano
Casale Darfo Boario Calvi Noale Delta Rovigo Ghivizzano Borgoamozzano
Chieri Dro Campodarsego Fiorenzuola Grosseto
Cuneo Grumellese Cordenons Imolese Jolly Montemurlo
Folgore Caratese Lecco Este Lentigione Lavagnese
Gozzano Levico Legnago Mezzolara Ligorna
Inveruno Monza Mestre Pianese Massese
Legnano Olginatese Montebelluna Poggibonsi Ponsacco
Oltrepo Voghera Pergolettese Pievigina Ravenna Real Forte Querceta
Pinerolo Pontisola Tamai Ribelle Savona
Pro Sesto Pro Patria Triestina Rignanese Sestri Levante
Pro Settimo & Eureka Scanzorosciate Union Feltre San Donato Tavarnelle Sporting Recco
Varese Seregno Vigasio Sangiovannese Unione Sanremo
Varesina Virtus Bergamo Vigontina San Paolo Scandicci Valdinievole Montecantini
Verbania Virtus Bolzano Virtus V. Verona Virtus Castelfranco Viareggio 2014
Girone F Girone G Girone H Girone I
Alfonsine Albalonga Agropoli Aversa Normanna
Campobasso Arzachena Anzio Castrovillari
Castelfidardo Avezzano AZ Picerno Cavese
Chieti Citta di Castello Bisceglie Due Torri
Civitanovese Flaminia Citta di Ciampino Frattese
Fermana Foligno Cynthia Gela
Jesina Lanusei FC Francavilla Gladiator
Matelica L'Aquila Gelbison Gragnano
Monticelli Latte Dolce Gravina Igea Virtus
Olympia Agnonese Muravera Herculaneum Palmese
Pineto Nuorese Madre Pietra Daunia Pomigliano
Recanatese Nuova Monterosi Manfredonia Rende
Romagna Centro Ostia Mare Nardo Roccella
Sammaurese Rieti Nocerina Sancataldese
San Marino San Teodoro Potenza Sarnese
San Nicolo Trestina San Severo Sersale
Vastese Torres Trastevere Sicula Leonzio
Vis Pesaro Vivi Altotevere Sansepolcro Vultur Rionero Turris


Tweede Divisie
Excelsior Maassluis
Kozakken Boys
De Treffers
FC Lienden
SV Spakenburg
VV Katwijk
BVV Barendrecht
Koninklijke HFC
HHC Hardenberg


AdF Algarve AdF Aveiro Azores League AdF Beja AdF Braga
LGC Moncarapachense CFU Lamas U.Micaelense ACD Penedo Gordo Aroes SC
FC Ferreiras SCS Joao De Ver SC Vilanovense CA Aldenovense GD Joane
Quarteirense F.Sad SC Esmoriz Rabo de Peixe CD Almodovar AD Ninense
GD Lagoa SC Beira Mar Prainha CD Beja Brito SC
Sp. Faro & Benfica SC Alba Guadalupe CD Praia Milfontes Vieira SC
Quarteira SC SC Espinho Barreiro CF Guadiana GD Porto Ave
CF Esperanca Lagos Lusitania FC S. Roque Azores CF Vasco Gama (Beja) SC Maria Fonte
Silves FC SC Bustelo Maritimo Graciosa Despertar SC GD Serzedelo
Imortal DC JD Carregosense Maritimos SM FC Castrense AD Esposende
CU Culatrense AA Avanca Cedrense FC Serpa C Cacadores Taipas
FC 11 Hopes SC Paivense   GD Renascente S.Teotonio UD Vila Cha
UD Messinense Fiaes SC Portalegre Division Piense SC ADRC Terras Bouro
  GDSC Alvarenga O Elvas Saboia AC Sta.Eulal Vizela
AdF Braganca Oliv. Bairro SC Arronches Benfica SC Odemirense Forjaes SC
Freixo de Espada a Cinta AC Cucujaes Electrico   S.Paio D'arcos FC
Vale do COnde GD Milheiroense FC Crato AdF Evora FC Marinhas
Vinhais Romariz FC Gavionenses Uniao de Montemor FC Amares
Minas de Argozelo GD Mealhada Portalegrense 1925 Juventude Evora Santa Maria FC
Aguia Vimioso AdF Castelo Branco Montargilense Estrela VN  
Rebordelo Alcains Monfortense Lusitano Evora AdF Guarda
Sendim Estacao Terrugem Atletico Reguengos GD Trancoso
GD Mirandes Idanhense Mosteirense Redondense AD Fornos Algodres
Africanos Braganca Proenca-a-Nova   Monte Trigo Sc. Sabugal
GD Poiares Atalaia do Campo AdF Coimbra Oriolenses SPG C. da Meda
Santa Comba Vilarica Aguias do Moradal FC Oli. Hospital Lusitano Arraiolense AD de Sao Romao
  AC. Fundao GD Sourense Perolivense CF Vilanovenses
AdF Leiria IP Castelo Branco Anca FC Estrela Escouralense Gin C Figueirense
ATLC Marinhense Vila Velha de Rodao Culbe Condeixa CP Lavre ADRC Aguiar Beira
SPGC Pombal Belmonte UD Tocha Canaviais ACD Soito
GR Amigos Paz Pedrogao GD Pampilhosense Alcaovense AD Manteigas
C.Cacadores Ansiao   CDr Penelense   AC Estrela Almeida
GD Peniche AdF Lisboa Febres SC Viana do Castelo Division SC Vilar Formoso
GD Guiense Sintra Football Uniao FC Vianense UDO Pinhelenses
A Beneditense CD Cascais ACD Vinha Rainha ACR Arcozelo CV Cortez Mondego
ACR Maceirinha Futebol Benfica Gr Vigor Mocidade Moncao  
SC Leiria Marrazes Porto Salvo Uniao C. Eirense Valenciano Porto Elite Serie 1
AD Moita do Boi Tires GD Sepins AT. Arcos Leca
GD Pelariga Bucelenses AD Poiares Neves Maia Lidador
ID Vieirense Vialonga CD Lousanense Cerveira Rio Tinto
GD Atouguiense Ponterrolense ADCR De Pereira Correlha Oliveira do Douro
GD Nazarenos Alges   Tavora Canelas 2010
A Espeologica Obidos A. Murteirense AdF Madeira Courense Pedroucos
AD Portomosense Arneiros Machico Vitorino de Piaes Candal
  Montelavarenses Camara de Lobos GD Castelense Padroense
Setubal Division Pinheiro Loures Portosantense Lanheses Grijo
Olimpico do Montijo Povoense Pontassolense Vila Fria Valadares Gaia
GD Pescadores Sanjoanense SC Santacruzense AD Campos Serzedo
Vasco Gama Sines Bobadelense 1 Maio Funchal Chafe Gondim
Amora   Canicense   Lavrense
Almada Santarem Division Xavelhas Viseu Division  
CH. Caparica Torres Novas S. Vicente Lamego Vila Real Division
Banheirense Casa Povo Pego Bairro da Argentina Mangualde Vila Real
Uniao Santiago Benavente Formacao Madeira Penalva do Castelo Boticas
Sesimbra Coruchense   Oliveira de Frades Valpacos
Alcochetense Samora Correia Porto Elite Serie 2 Satao Mondinense
UFC Moltense U.Almeirim Tirsense Sampedrense Regua
Beira Mar Almada Riachense Lixa Canas de Senhorim Vidago
C.Industria Fazendense Rebordosa GDC Roriz St Marta Penaguiao
Alfarim U.TOmar Paredes Silgueiros Murca
Grandolense Cartaxo Aliados Lordelo Ferreira de Aves Salto
Monte de Caparica Amiense Vila Mea Carregal do Sal Vila Pouca de Aguiar
  Ouriense S. Pedro da Cova Tarouquense GD Cerva
  Macao Perafita Casto Daire Ribeira de Pena
  Empregados do Comercio Sobrado SC Paivense Abambres
    Baiao Lamelas Vilar de Perdizes
    Barrosas GD Resende Atel FC
    FC Vilarinho   Fontelas


West Central South East Ural/Volga
Kolomna Saturn Dinamo Stavropol Irtysh Omsk KamAZ
Dinamo SPb Torpedo Moscow Angusht Dinamo Barnaul Lada
Volga Tver Metallurg Lipetsk Druzhba Maikop Sakhalin Nosta
Torpedo Vladimir Dinamo Bryansk SKA Rostov Smena KnA Volga Uljanovsk
Spartak Kostroma Orel Mashuk Zenit Irkutsk Dinamo Kirov
Textilschik Ivanovo Zenit Penza Chernomorets (RUS) Chita Chelyabinsk
Znamya Truda Avangard Kursk Biolog   Syzran 2003
Dolgoprudny Chertanovo Sochi   Olimpiets NN
Strogino Energomash Afips   Zenit-Izhevsk
Pskov-747 Vityaz Rotor-Volgograd    
Domodedovo Ryazan Chaika Peschanokopskoe    
Solyaris Kaluga Spartak Vladikavkaz    
CRFSO   Armavir    
    Legion Makhachkala    

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Alondras At. Lugones At. Alberica Amurrio Asco Almazora
Arosa Aviles Barreda Aurrera Ondarroa Castelldefels Almoradi
As Pontes CD Covadonga Bezana Balmaseda Cerdanyola Alzria
Barbadas Ceares Castro Beasain Europa Borriol
Barco Colunga Cayon Bermeo Figueres Bunol
Bergantinos Condal Colindres CD Getxo Granollers Castellon
CD Castro L'Entregu Escobedo Cultural Durango Jupiter Crevillente
Celtiga Langreo Gimnastica Deusto La Jonquera Muro
Cerceda Lenense Guarnizo Lagun Onak Manlleu Novelda
Choco Llanera Laredo Pasaia Montanesa Olimpic Xativa
Compostela Llanes Meruelo Portugalete Olot Ontinyent
Dubra Marino Rayo Cantabria Santurtzi Palamos Orihuela
Negreira Mosconia Revilla Santutxu Perelada Paterna
Ordenes Praviano Selaya Sodupe Sant Andreu Rayo Ibense
Rapido Bouzas Siero Siete Villas Tolosa Terrassa Recambios Colon
Ribadumia Tineo Textil Escudo Vitoria Vilafranca Penedes Silla
Silva Tuilla Tropezon Zalla Vilassar Torre Levante
Villalbes Urraca Velarde     Torrevieja
Villalonga   Vimenor      
Group 7 Group 8 Group 9 Group 10 Group 11 Group 12
Adarve Almazan Alhaurin Algeciras Ponlense Teide
Alcobendas CF At. Astorga Alhaurino Antoiano Binissalem Ibarra
Alcobendas Sport At. Tordesillas Antequera Arcos Montuiri Las Zocas
Aravaca Avila Atarfe CD Alcala Pena Deportiva Tenisca
At. Pinto Bembibre CD. Rincon Cabecense Platges Calvia Villa Santa Brigida
Internacional (Madrid) Burgos Bupolsa El Palo Castilleja Constancia Lanzarote
Mostoles Burgos Promesas Guadix Ceuta Ferriolense Yaiza
Parla CD. San Jose Huetor Tajar Coria Campos CD Vera
Pozuelo Cebrerena Huetor Vega Ecija Sant Rafel CD Marino
RSD Alcala Cristo At. Loja Espeleno Alcudia Estrella CF
San Fernando de Henares La Baneza Maracena Gerena Collerense Union Viera
Santa Ana La Virgen del Camino Martos Guadalcacin Felanitx Santa Ursula
Trival Valderas Segoviana Motril Lebrijana Mercadal El Cotillo
Villanueva del Pardillo Unionistas River Melilla Los Barrios Esporles Arucas
Villaverde Boetticher Uxama San Pedro de Alcantara San Roque Llosetense CD La Cuadra
  Villamuriel Torredonjimeno San Roque Lepe Formentera UD San Fernando
  Villaralbo Velez CF Utrera Penya Clutdella  
  Zamora     Son Cladera  
        Santa Catalina At.  
        Rotler Molinar  
Group 13 Group 14 Group 15 Group 16 Group 17 Group 18
AD Caravaca Cacereno Idoya Agoncillo Ejea Almansa
Cieza CD Coria Burlades Alfaro Sarinena Quintanar del Rey
Yeclano UD Montijo Egues Haro Tamarite Guadalajara
Mar Menor Diter Zafra At. Cirbonero Arnedo Teruel Manzanares
Muleno Santa Amalia River Ega River Ebro Binefar Villarrobledo
At. Pulpileno Jerez Oberena Anguiano Andorra Conquense
Plus Ultra Moralo Pena Sport Naxara Utebo Illescas
Aguilas Piasencia Txantrea Oyonesa Monzon Marchamalo
CF El Castillo La Estrella Lourdes Villegas Sabinanigo Azuqueca
El Palmar Don Benito Subiza Calahorra Illueca Mora CF
Minera Arroyo Iruna San Marcial Cuarte Villarrubia
La Union CF Olivenza Huarte Rapid Murillo Brea Madridejos
FC Pinatar Amenecer AD San Juan Calasancio Robres At. Ibanes
Espinardo At. Valdivia Ardoi Vianes Belchite 97 Talavera
CAP Ciudad de Murica At. Pueblonuevo Pamplona Tedeon Tarazona Ciudad Real
ED Churra At. San Jose Cortes SD Logrones Borja Pedroneras
Lorca Deportiva Badajoz Valtierrano Varea Escalerillas Almagro CF
  Fuente Cantos Corellano Casalarreina Carinena Munera
  Azuaga Erri-Berri FC La Calzada    
  Calamonte Cantolagua      


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Altay Duzcespor Maltepespor
Kocaelispor B. Petrolspor Sakaryaspor
Van Bld. Pazarspor Danca G. Birligi
Kartalspor Yesil Bursa Orduspor
Tekirdagspor Dardanelspor Tarsus IY
kozan Bld. Bld. Bodrumspor Muglaspor
Ankara DS Silivrispor Bergama Bld.
Kutahyaspor Kemerspor 2003 Denizli Bld.
Golcukspor Kinkhanspor Orhangazispor
Beylerbeyispor Manisa Bld. Bayrampasa
Karacabey Birlikspor Derincespor Sultanbeyli Bld.
Sancaktepe Bld. Yomraspor Adliyespor
Erzin Bld. Dersimspor Diyarbekirspor
Corum Bld. Kinkkalespor Payasspor
Manavgatspor Catalca Spor Duzyurtspor
24Erzincanspor Tire 1922 Spor Afyonspor
Bayburt Genclik Halide Edip Adivarspor 12 Bingol Spor
Kizilcabolukspor Erbaaspor Elaziz Bld.


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Downloadable Save Games

Full Version Saves 17.1


Before Resets - 2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded: 
Game 1: US Saint-Malo, FC Fleury 91, GF 38, US Colomiers



Before Resets - 2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded:

Game 1: Cottbus, Viktoria Koln, Burghausen



Before Resets -  2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded:

Game 1: Cavese, Potenza, L'Aquila, San Marino, GhiviBorgo, Triestina, Monza, Bra, Chieti



Before Resets - 2017

Teams Loaded:



HHC Hardenberg

FC Katwjik

FC Lieden

SV Spakenberg



Before Resets - 2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded: 

Game 1: Vianense, FC Castrense, Rabo de Piexe, Beira-Mar, Sesimbra, Juventude Evora, Electrico, Formacao Madeira, Oliveira de Frades, Aguiar da Baiera, Aroes, Ninense, Ouriense, Vila Real, Quarteirense, Oliveira de Hospital, Alverca, Aguias do Moradal, Gulpilhares, Peniche.



Before Resets - 2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded:

Game 1: Chelyabinsk, Saturn, Chernomorets (RUS), KamAZ, Dinamo Bryansk



Before Resets - 2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded:

Game 1: Ontinyent, Cacereno, Castellon, Gimnastica, Pena Sport, Alzira, Conquense, Guadalajara, Sant Andreu, Portugalete, RSD alcala, Olimpic Xativa, Compostela, SD Logrones, Don Benito, CD Alcala, Tropezon, Carceda.



Before Resets - 2017, 2018, 2019

Teams Loaded:

Game 1: Orduspor, Pazarspor, Altay, Kartalspor, Kemerspor 2003, Duzyurtspor

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The Logo Packs

I prefer the Metallic Pack, it seems to have more of our logos as well, but I have included a couple of others as well.

Metallic Mega Pack ESS Logos Shiny Logos
metallic_logos.png ess_logos.png shiny_logos.png

Metallic Logo Tip:  Just get the 2017 Complete if you haven't got it before, otherwise start from your latest update. (Latest Version = 17.1)


The Kit Packs

Sortitoutsi is the best place to find these, and they run three styles, I have always found the Short sleeve version is the favourite, so here are the kits for our leagues, and you can add any others you like. (The individual download links may change, but check the main page) - If you prefer a different style, there are other styles, include long sleeve versions on the Sortitoutsi website. Hoping there are more Portuguese kits this year, were a bit short lately. I am going to try to compile the kits we are missing in the last week of November from my own archives (I have kits going back to 08/09 in my back-up drives), and will make this available for download somewhere (Possibly by PMing me) => Let me know if you require any kits not available in the FM16 or 17 kits and I'll link them for you.


FM 16/17 Kits - Link

France - Ligue 1

Italy - Serie A

Netherlands - Eredivisie

Russia - PremierNational

Spain - La Liga, La Liga 123, Segunda B: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Tercera Groups Available

Turkey - Super League, PTT 1.Lig

Older SS Kits: FM15/16, FM14/15, FM13/14, FM12/13

All Other Kits: Link


Expanded Regen Hair Packs


These will give you a wider range of Regen haircuts, can add something more to your game if you like.



Cut Out Face Megapacks


These will give you faces for a HUGE number (143,000+) of current players, makes your game have a bit of extra flavour (Latest: v7.01)


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Fantastic work on the opening posts for FM17... I am hoping to be in a position to have a decent crack at the challenge this year after not being able to do so last year. Progress may be fairly slow though - we shall see. 

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4 hours ago, Mr_Demus said:

Is it correct that this year relegation/promotion actually happens in the dutch second tier?

Yes, the bottom team goes down.

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Any here able to help with table layout in the new forum? Cause the classic [TABLE] doesn't work anymore, 


Not being able to see the code version makes it tough as well, just hard to make posts look as good.

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I remember this challenge from way back in the day. I cant seem to remember my Username or Password from back then so I have had to restart with a new account which is a little bit frustrating. 

I really enjoyed doing all the challenges and it looks like this and Dafuge challenge have remained from back when I was a member. Now that I have purchased FM17 I am going to dive in and give this challenge a go at some stage during this year. From the looks of things this has been a bit quiet for the past few years so hopefully the community spirit will be back this year

Edited by JMA
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I will have a solid attempt at this challenge sometime this year. Seeing my eos report on FM12 with FC Chita bring great memories back just wish the screenshots where still around I really should of stored stuff like that.

Currently attempting Dafuge and with less time restraints than past years I should be able to go deep with both. Italy and Holland are my main choices currently but going back to Russia for a real test is very tempting.

I will follow this thread in the meantime :thup:

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Last year i didn't complete the challenge because i decided to start it in FMT and quit the save after i realized that some rules are cut from that mode. This year i am coming back straight as the game launches (is in beta) and i'll push for another completion in Germany. I'm holidaying now and will try to find an interesting team to pick.

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I have been reloading for about 4 hours trying to get a team that i want and i got nothing yet. I will be hollidaying for another season maybe i will have more luck. If i still don't get what i want i'll just have to settle with something else.

EDIT: Since i got no luck with reloading i'll just settle for another team and will post an introduction in my following post. The ideea was to get either a very new club or an old club with some sort of history. The main choice of mine was Lokomotive Leipzig, a team with domestic success and even some continental success in the past. And going against RBL Leipzig was going to make a good story. However, luck was not on my side and i chose something else (see below), a new club founded in 2008.

Edited by Andy Sava
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Imagini pentru lsk hansa logo

Luneburger SK Hansa

Challenge introduction

Club Profile | Club History | Club Finances | Manager Profile 

LSK Hansa is a football club from the Lower Saxon Hanseatic town of Luneburg in Northern Germany. The club was founded in spring 2008 as part of the planned merger of the football divisions of the two sports clubs Luneburger SK and Lubeburger SV.

The club took over the position held by Luneburger SK in the Lower Saxony League and its right to participate in the first major round of the 08/09 German Cup where they lost 0-5 to VfB Stuttgart. In the Lower Saxony League the club achieved 4th place in its first season. 

The 1st team is now using the Heinrich-Langeloh-Platz stadium, a small stadium with a capacity of only 3000.

The club got promoted to the Regionalliga Nord after winning the Lower Saxony League in 2014. They finished 12th in the 2014/2015 season and 13th in the 2015/2016 season.

The Squad

Only 15 players in the squad and no 2nd team. With no transfer budget and a low wadge budget there seems to be a hard road ahead of us. There is also no staff at the club at the momment and this is my priority for now.


It's going to be tough with such low resources at my disposal but it's going to be fun. Althogh i'm not going to be surprised if i get sacked after a season.

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Futebol Clube do Crato

Challenge Introduction

| Club Profile | Club History | Club Finances | Manager Profile |


Futebol Clube do Crato is a Portuguese club founded in 1950 , located in the village Crato. The team holds out home games at Municipal Stadium Crato. The team spent 2015/16 season in the National Championship, but ended the season being relegated, with their promotion back at end of the 2016/17 season they have been taken over by Jono Newton who will look to lead them up the table again. Season 1 target has to be avoid relegation, everything else is extra.


The first job is to sign some players to contracts, the starting squad is completely amateur, and also doesn't look very good for this level. Given the wage demands of players I can probably afford to sign a lot of players, just hopefully control those who don't get the roles they want (Starting etc), one thing to note if competing in Portugal, with the huge number of amateur players a lot of players only a couple of weeks into season have already played for multiple clubs, this means I have ineligible players sitting in my squad as can only play for 2 teams per season. At the start of the game I could also only offer single season contracts, but by midseason I can extend players through til June 2020. I think of the entire current squad only Farto is likely to feature through the season.

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1 hour ago, jimbowmanuk said:

After a bit of an absence on the forums I'm back and I'll be starting this challenge once the full version is released.  Hopefully I can emulate my Elgin team from FM12 and complete the challenge in under 10 seasons

it'll be good to see you back @jimbowmanuk

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On 24.10.2016 at 20:30, Lower Leagues Rule said:

Any here able to help with table layout in the new forum? Cause the classic [TABLE] doesn't work anymore, 


Not being able to see the code version makes it tough as well, just hard to make posts look as good.

You can make tables in text editor and copy paste them here.

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Welcome JMA,

I've now updated the history section, the other parts of the opening will slowly be done, hopefully I can do all the screenshots in the next week or so :)

Added the Eligible Clubs for the divisions I could easily find, Spain, Portugal, Russia & Turkey I need the editor, but will get them up after that.


Also if anyone wonders about tables with Links, they can still be done, you just need to write them up in Google Sheets, and then copy and paste into the thread.

Edited by Lower Leagues Rule
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2 hours ago, Lower Leagues Rule said:

I am going to restart, probably still Portugal, but we'll see, I may go to the Netherlands, just because new teams :D

Am currently holidaying all the  

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Voetbal Vereniging Sint Bavo

Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2017/18

New Beginnings

| Club Profile | Club History | Club Finances | Manager Profile |


VVSB is a club based in Noordwijkerhout, they play at Sportpark De Boekhorst. The club was founded on October 26, 1931 and has played exclusively at amateur level in all its history. The club was part of the Hoofdklasse league in the 2009–10 season, completing it in fifth place in the Sunday A group, and then winning promotion to the newly established Topklasse league for the inaugural 2010–11 season through playoffs. In 2016, VVSB became the first amateur side to qualify for the KNVB Cup Semifinals in 41 years by knocking FC Den Bosch out.



Under 19s

Will have a deeper look into the squad at some point, but looks like I will be working hard to improve the squad before the season starts and the aim has to be make the squad good enough to avoid relegation, anything else is a bonus.




Edited by Lower Leagues Rule
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Voetbal Vereniging Sint Bavo

Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2017/18

Preseason Report

Expectations (Squad Bonus)

Eerste Divisie: Avoid Relegation (High)

KNVB Cup: 3rd Round (Low)



Transfers In
Date Player Pos From Fee
09.07.17 Luigi Nunes DR Heinenoord €0
11.07.17 Oger Klos DM/MC Magreb '90 €0
11.07.17 Ricardo Talu DC ASV Dronten €0
13.07.17 Reinier den Hoed DLC vv Siledrecht €0
16.07.17 Rick van der Struis ST Excelsior M €0
17.07.17 Quentin Albertus DC Excelsior M €0
17.07.17 Sicco Bouwer ST Drachtster Boys €0
18.07.17 Demi Loet-Loetoer GK Go Ahead Kampen €0
18.07.17 Mitchel de Jong MC EHC €0
20.07.17 Xhemil Terziqi MC Free Transfer €0
23.07.17 Yuri Guijt AMC Quick Boys €0
26.07.17 Joey Steenbergen AMR GVVV €0
29.07.17 Jesse Wijnen DC EHC €0
30.07.17 Stijn Rambach AML OJC Rosmalen €0
03.08.17 Guus van Weederburg DLC Katwijk €0

As you can see the first point of focus was defense, which was horrible in the initial squad, the last signings have been by my DoF and look to have helped out in areas I was having trouble finding top players for. At the end of the Preseason I think my squad is good enough to avoid relegation, but is definitely going to be a struggle in early season as the players start working together, and getting used to my tactics.



This didn't go well, I actually thought it looked good after match 1, but it fell apart very quickly and we didn't manage another result anything like the first one.





We will line up in a 4-2-4 (4-2-3-1), hopefully this works, the only problem so far appears to be when the team quickly turns the ball over, thinking I might need to drop someone back a little will see. (Might make use of Klos at DM, instead of as an MC)

My Expectations

I think it could be a struggle, but we are going to battle towards avoiding relegation and see if it happens.


Edited by Lower Leagues Rule
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Voetbal Vereniging Sint Bavo

Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2017/18

September 1st Report

Quick Facts

Season Tickets: 705

Cup Draw: Away vs Feyenoord

I have no idea how money is dealt with in the KNVB Cup, but I really hope it is split as that would be a huge windfall, otherwise we are just going to get a pasting and be out of the cup in the 2nd Round.



Transfers In
Date Player Pos From Fee
25.08.17 Marien Willemsen DR AFC €0

Just a single addition since the last update, Right back was a clear weakness, I attempted to upgrade at the position with an actual wing back, then he got 2 Yellows on debut & is suspended...




at VVV 0:2

First game of the season didn't go quite as I hoped, though the scoreline looks bad, we were in the game the whole way.


vs De Graafschap 1:1

Steenbergen (33)

We traveled home for our second match and faced De Graafschap, we actually looked pretty good and I was happy with a draw at this stage of the season.


at NAC Breda 0:1

I went into the game expecting to lose, and in the end I was happy to walk away with a one goal margin, not the best start with 1pt from 3 games, but performances weren't bad.


at Telstar 1:1

Bekooij (83)

I was very happy to steal a point in an away game, it moved us up to 17th in the table, for a single game.


vs Oss 1:2

Guijt (78)

Thought we had managed to steal the draw here, but they managed to score late and wrap the game up, our game was the day after everyone else and the teams behind us had all won dropping us to last.



A bit disappointed to be in dead last without a win so far, but we have drawn against teams ranked 5th & 10th, and lost by 1 goal to those in 2nd & 9th. Hopefully we can turn it around with games against Fortuna & Jong Utrecht in the next month. Will be hoping to be up to 8pts by the end of the month, and also out of the KNVB Cup.


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Interesting to see you go with Holland... good luck with that. I can't decide whether to do the challenge first or my favourite team... can't decide at present. I'm not going to get chance to play for a few days so I'll ponder about it some more...

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jimbowmanuk - Beira-Mar - An introduction



Right I'm ready to go, I have decided to manage in Portugal as I dont think Ive managed there before in all these years of playing.  I will be in charge of Beira-Mar,  a former Premier League team who were relegated a few years back.  Say hello to Jaime Argueiro, a Sao Toman national looking to ply his trade in Portugal, the reason for this is that Portuguese is the official language of this small nation and also I'm hoping on some tasty looking newgens from Sao Toman and Principe.

Beira-Mar_  Profile.png

Beira-Mar_ History Competitions.png

Beira-Mar_ Players Players.png

Jaime Arqueiro_ My Profile Profile.png

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