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Scouting information not available

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A couple of scouting related observations which seem like bugs to me.

1) Selecting 'Scouted only' in player search never results in any players found. If you unselect that and open some (scouted) player from the results list you will see full scouting information. I would expect such players to be listed with 'scouted only' selection on.

2) Scouting information gets lost. You spend a year collecting scouting data and then you would like to sign a player you know was scouted but you only see the star ratings. You can´t even enter the scout data section in player profile. I´m not sure if this is somehow related to the scout leaving my organization but even so that shouldn´t happen. I should be able have full original scouting data available even though my scout would have left me since.

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1. The "scouted only" option refers to those players where you have a current scouting report. A "current" scouting report is one where the scout is still scouting the player or area/league/country/team etc. As soon as the scout is recalled or given a new assignment (or restarts a recurring assignment) all previous reports are lost. That is why you get the "The current assignment have not been saved" message whenever you give any scout a new assignment. Save the scouting reports if you need them later.

2. The "knowledge" sits with the scout not with the team. If a scout leaves your team his reports will be lost very quickly.

I'd guess both of those design decisions were made due to programming issues. This piece of software operates entirely in memory and does not write to disk as a database program does. If reports were kept then the game would slow down progressively and game saves would become larger and larger very quickly.

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