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[FM16] Fiorentin-o? Never heard of them! A copycat youth challenge

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That's terrible news mate. :( I think that new laptop might start becoming more and more important to buy. Don't worry though, we all know what you've achieved and fortunately no crash can take that away.

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Hi all. Ive decided that I WILL be continuing this story, just needed a break from the frustration. I will be back in July 2032 just before the Euro 2032 Quarter Final. Lets see if the story changes. Ive put too much into the save to stop altogether, losing 3 and a half years is annoying but hopefully i can rekindle the love for this save.

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Glad you decided to continue.

And please enable auto saving with 3-file rolling saves... It's a must when playing custom databases - they can always surprise you with a crash dump. And when playing long-term saves, always save to a new file on season reset date. That way anything bad happens and you only lost a season max.

Read everything yesterday, some unreal regens in the first couple of seasons and a bit of luck winning vs Maribor and Pacos Ferreira to enter Europa League Group stage to ease the challenge a bit. Good luck, will be following!

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San Marino: Euro 2032 Squad



Marco is a quality keeper, but he has struggled to ever make it in Serie A. He started out with San Marino as a youngster before promptly joining Lazio. After 2 Serie A appearances and a couple of loan spells in Serie C he was released after 6 seasons with the Roman side, finding his way back in Serie C with Taranto. He established himself as a key player for Taranto which culminated in two seasons in Serie B before a move back to Serie A with Verona. However, he has been their number 2 making just 5 appearances in two seasons. He is in his prime now and is a great player for the national team.


Maurizio is Fiorentino's first choice keeper for key games, although he rotates his position with the younger Zafferani. He is a clear number 2 for the national team and has done well when called upon.


Alessandro has been playing more games for Fiorentino in recent times, although I'm not sure he's actually going to develop much further. Nevertheless, he is good enough to be a 3rd choice keeper at Euro 2032.

Right Backs


Stefano is the no 1 choice for club and country over the last few seasons. Don't let the red arrows fool you, he has developed nicely into a good full back, albeit lacking in attacking quality.


Enrico would be a weak link if he needed to play. He's racked up over 50 caps for the NT, but going forward he is unlikely to feature.

Left Backs


Stefano is very close to 100 caps but is likely to lose his place to a young starlet - both are roughly the same ability. He has always been a solid performer for club and country.


Federico is s very exciting prospect and is on the brink of the NT first 11 at just 17. I'm thinking he will be our main starter in the tournament to give him big game experience.

Centre Backs


Massimo was a key starter for Fiorentino before moving to Turkey 4 seasons ago. So far, he has bounced between the top 2 leagues for 2 different teams. He's got good all round centre back attributes, at least in comparison to our back up options.


Alessandro had rejected previous call ups but it seems that Euro 2032 was too difficult for him to turn down. He is a very quick centre back and he has grown to 6 foot which is very promising.


Fabrizio has always done well for club and country despite his lack of ability. He is good in the air and strong, alongside a quick partner he does well.


Davide is probably the weakest player in the squad and it shows the lack of depth we have at centre back. Nevertheless, his physical abilities have proved to be useful over the years.

Defensive Mids


Now 30, Massimiliano is the heartbeat of the team with over 100 caps and many important performances. He has bounced between Serie A & B with Pescara over the years, captaining the side through relegations and promotions. I fully expect him to be a key player for us in Euro 2032.


Paolo is a brilliant young player. He had featured for Italy U19s, but like Alessandro Zonzini he turned his rejections into acceptance in order to play in a major tournament. If he keeps on developing, he could become better than Vannucci.


Alberto Mazza is the the back up DM that made the squad, both Luigi Morganti and Massimo Lividini failed to make the cut. He has always played alongside Vannucci for the NT as first choice, but will step aside for the talented Marinucci. A great performer for Fiorentino.

Right Mids


Matteo Fiorini....what a legend!! He is the record cap holder and appearance holder for Fiorentino and thrives under pressure in big games. He is the oldest player in the squad, but he still has the quality to change a game.


Massimo is the understudy for Fiorini and I feel he will become his long term replacement. He has already played very well for Fiorentino when called upon.

Left Mids


Davide is another youngster with high potential. He has already scored twice for the national team, both in the qualifying campaign in our 2-1 victories against France. I fully expect him to go on to be key for club and country. He can also cover DM if needed.


Marco started his career at San Marino before knocking around Serie C and unemployed! This season he joined Pennarossa and has been a revelation in the SM league. Pips Andrea Fiorini to a place in the squad due to his versatility.

Attacking Mids


Stefano is a player we lost too early, moving to Panathinaikos at just 18 due to our chairman being a douche! He has been on loan in Israel and Norway and if I'm honest hasn't developed as well as I'd hoped. Nevertheless, he is still a good first choice AMC.


Muhammad(!) has some amazing attributes but isn't quite as well rounded as Zonzini. He is likely to be called upon as a super-sub a lot. He is captain for club and country when he plays.

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Federico is the most prolific goalscorer to ever grace the San Marino league and is the record goalscorer for the NT. He will always be a huge favourite of mine, but he has some very good youngsters breathing down his neck. He hasn't made much impact in Spain, scoring just 6 goals in 49 appearances over 3 seasons for Cordoba - not even in the top flight! He is joining Evian of Ligue 2 so I hope he can make a better impression there.


Luigi is all about pace, pace pace!!! He will be used an impact sub to make use of his speed against tiring defences. Striker is our strongest area, to have a 2nd choice as good as this is brilliant.


Enrico, in my opinion, could go on to become the great SM player of all time. However, he is very young and is more in the squad for the experience. 3.5* CA for the national team is fantastic already!

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Euro 2032

Warm Up Games


A good home win in March against a good Bulgarian side was marred by two defeats just before the group stages. We fell apart against Croatian late on, and our 2nd string side against Scotland (though with 3/4 regular starters) proved that we couldn't really rely on our depth in the tournament.

Group Stages


A great start to the tournament, getting a win against Serbia the side we needed to beat to get anything from the group.


Portugal, three times Euro winners, proved to be too much for us as they comfortably beat us 3-0.


The Czech Republic are a good side and we did very well to hold on to a 0-0, we were under pressure for the majority of the game. This meant we finished on 4 points in the group, but was it enough to qualify?


Yes it was :D we were one of the best 3rd place sides and made it to the round of 16.

Round of 16


Switzerland have an average defence, but one of the best centre mids in the world and probably the best NT front 2 in the world. Fortunately for us, Beqiri was taken off injured early in the game. Switzerland had plenty of shots, but not many real quality chances. The game looked destined for extra time at 1-1, but super-sub Bacciocchi scored in the 92nd minute to shock the Swiss! Into the quarter finals!


It seemed to be the round of the underdog. Wales beat Spain, Russia beat Germany and Romania beat Portugal as well.

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[Deleted] history repeats itself as we beat Romania to get to the final. Will we face Wales or Italy?


:eek::eek::eek: that was not expected!!! San Marino vs Wales in the final!!!

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Unfortunately I have decided that I cannot continue this save. The success in the Euros did not feel right, but at the same time I would feel very frustrated if we didn't achieve what we did prior to the crash. It is a double ended sword.


I am going to be starting a new career, and of course it will be a youth challenge. But somewhere different :)

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I kind of understand how you feel. Never lost anything that big in FM, but I dropped a few saves because of losing some months of progress, which is a lot less than what happened to you.

Looking forward to your next career, this one was pretty good.

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Aw. That sucks. I suppose it didn't feel quite right for me to read either. Good luck with whatever your next save may be and I'll certainly be following!

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I've decided that, with a fresh pair of eyes, I am going to be continuing this save :D.

San Marino have just won Euro 2032, now it's time for Fiorentino to shine.

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1 minute ago, Ceching You Out said:

Just can't help yourself, eh? :D Glad to see this going again!

No I can't help myself :p. After the loss of my Hammarby save and FM17 around the corner I thought it was about time to finish what I started!

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