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Advice on ManUtd 3-4-2-1

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n here i am, not sure of what kind of question u actually ask. Do u just want to win, or to play some kind of playstyle or what? Remember, always ask the game first, whether u made mistake or not

the best way to ask for advices here is to try what u can try first which is play some matches with your idea translated into a tactic in your own perception. Then collect informations, find out what makes you not satisfied or your concern, then post here a clear question like "i wanna play a quick counter attack style but ended up playing different playstyle" or "im conceded too many from crosses" or "my front 3 is struggling to score" along with any necessary informations like team shape, mentality settings, each player's role n duty, etc.

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Actually I'd like to play more of a possession based game. when I think about it, maybe it would be better to use fluid shape without more expressive instruction, so that the players would be more tighter on the pitch, without big gaps since I have 4 players in DM strata.

I'm not home right now, I'm just thinking at work about tactics since I had total meltdown with my 4-2-3-1 in the second half of 1st season. Like after 15 wins in a row, the same system had a complete epic collapse, I've no idea why.

So I want to try something different..

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Still recommend you try things and report issues.

It's very easy to interpret a single term like "possession" style but:

1. I'd say the formation doesn't suit trying to hold a high line & pressing, you have lots of players taking deep defensive positions so there will be less players to pressure the opponents, making balls behind you easier.

2. I'd just use support roles at WB, DM and AM to start with. You have 3 CBs so have natural cover, a DLP will still "Hold Position" but can move around more to support attacks.

3. If you are aren't sure about Team Shape just go with Flexible and don't use more Disciplined / Expression instructions unless you see a need to. Flexible gives a balanced amount, playmaker roles get extra creativity built in to there role. Watching your team once your roles/duties are sorted should allow you to see if they need closer support or if they actually need more space to draw opponents out of position etc.

4. My personal starting point for a possession tactic is usually Control + Flex + Retain Possession + Work Ball Into Box.

5. I've not had much success with two AM (lack of defensive width and depth for me), doesn't mean you can't get it to work but I would personally recommend moving them to AML & AMR.

6. Schneiderlin is a great Defensive Midfielder, I wouldn't limit him as a BWM or were you think of having him as a DLP and buying a BWM?

7. Remember to tell your GK to play it short and less risky to build from the back and not waste possession kicking it long.

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Consider using an RPM or REG as one of your DM players. He should do a better job of linking play from back to front and provide some nice dynamism to the team.

For the front three, I'd use one playmaker on support, set the other AMC to an attack duty, and have the forward be a versatile CF type who can create and score as he sees fit.

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I did change the roles a bit. I have now a regista and DM/D in midfield with AP/S-AM/A-DLF/S as front three. I've tried CF/S but I felt DLF/S is having better performances. I did only play quite bad teams in my pre season though. We'll see how all this will be holding up once the season starts.

I switched also to Control/fluid (much higher line,shorter passing). I'm having a lot of possession, without ball the two wingbacks are more full backs,so it gives me 5 players in defence which is good, in attack there is a square with two DM's and two AM's in the middle, and wingbacks as options on the wings, lot of passing options. It looks good. I only wonder how will this look against better teams and will the high def line be too much of a risk. Maybe I should put keeper on SK/A so he sweeps long balls over the defence..

Anyway, I hope this team could make some noise. If it all doesn't fall apart once the season starts, wouldn't be the first time everything looks good in friendlies and turns to crap when it matters..


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I'm currently playing a Man-U save right now and i'm very positive that my 4-3-3 and your 3-4-2-1 have a very similar objective but i don't really see a point in using an AM and an AP when you have insane all-arounders with few weaknesses on Depay and Martial.

Back 3 lines aren't really suited to possession styles unless you have a world class libero and it's really hard to fit a libero in FM nowadays, because they are very scarce in real life. Back 3 lines can be exploited with High Lines so i'd really suggest reconsidering that. Still possible to do that, though. But keep in mind that the whole reason of having 2 centre-backs is to have an extra man up on the pitch. And we don't need to be geniuses to know how an extra midfielder can be important in that style.

When you watch United playing, it's not a back 3 you're looking at. It's a 2-1 CB/DM strata using Carrick, (I'm not sure about other options here because i didn't watch United the entire season) Schweinsteiger or maybe Schneiderlin. But i'm 100% sure Carrick has been played as Half Back in the couple games I've watched.

The whole reason of the role half-back existing? Making the CBs go wider and cover the flanks more. Why? So full-backs can evolve (Pokemon pun intended) to Wing-Backs. Why? Because when you have Inside Forwards or Advanced Playmakers in the AML/AMR positions (Namely every single wide United player, maybe except Ashley Young when playing on the right wing and Antonio Valencia when rarely not playing as a full back?), they doesn't really provide enough width most of the time. The point? You need width to penetrate sides who defend deep.

The Half-Back is widely known in Brazil as the "1st Pass Guy", hence why he's similar to a DLP as he holds position and needs technique, pretty much a luxurious BPD for the modern game, but is very unique because he doesn't really try very fancy stuff and is always ready to be in either the midfield to get clearances from deep and be the 1st pass guy or defence to compose, effectively, a back 3 when you're getting attacked on the break and building from the back.

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