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Super Spurs Youtube save - English report

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I posted something about this a few months ago, but I am 3 seasons into my YouTube save with Tottenham where I can only sign English players and I basically sell every foreign player when a bid comes in for them. Reason I'm posting this is because I just want to promote the English players in the game incase you were wondering who was good and who needs work/training on them.

This is a list of the signings I have made since I started the save:

1st season in:

Brendan Galloway - Bloke is pure class, think we all know it. Trained him as a centre back and is always reliable. Solid 7.5 every match

Zach Clough - Didn't use him much in the first season but has now developed massively and has kicked Harry Kane out of the team. Sign whenever you can!

Andre Dozzell - 16 years old from Ipswich, great little player. Will develop massively if played on regular basis, more suited for Championship in the first few seasons but will be great in EPL in about 4/5 years in.

Ben Garratt - Keeper from Crewe, only sign him if you are going to play him week in, week out. Sounds daft, but he doesn't develop at all playing 10/15 games like I used him. Would be good buy for lower Championship team. Released after 2 years, just didn't cut it.

Demarai Gray - Solid option, doesn't always get in my team but great option on the bench. Again would be solid starting 11 for anyone in the lower PL or top championship.

Easah Suliman - Wow, what a transformation. First year, no progress at all. Second and third season he turns into a class player. Forcing Danny Rose out of my team. 4th year in will be my main left back. Solid stats all over his page

First season we finished 2nd in the EPL, lost in the Europa League Final, lost in the capital one cup 3rd round and fa cup 4th round

2nd season in:

Jack Butland - Best goalkeeper I've ever managed. No joke, just a solid keeper who rarely lets you down. Costs a bit, but you wont have to spend big on a keeper for a long time after.

Joe Gomez - Did ok in the first season, didn't set the world alight. Just got injured for 4 months which has hindered his progress, but I'm confident he will turn out good in the end. Training him as a centre back as well because his physical stats are first class.

Nathan Redmond - Mr inconsistent in real life, Mr inconsistent on the game. One match he's better than Lionel Messi, next he's like Bebe (formerly of Man Utd). If you have patience then sign him, if you like a Mr reliable then avoid.

Sam Johnstone - So frustration to watch as a goalkeeper. Bought as a backup, made 4 mistakes in 3 games and I've tried to avoid playing him ever since. Stats make him look ok but I will never sign him again (hope he never reads this lol)

Jack Grealish - Amazing talent, has grown into this save. I didn't realise how good he was doing until he got injured for 2 months in season 3 and have missed him so much. We hugged on his return to full fitness.

Second season in, finished 2nd in the EPL. Knocked out in the Champions League Quarter Finals. Lost in the Capital One third round and lost in the FA Cup forth round

3rd Season in:

Andre Wisdom - better on FM than he is in real life (as a Norwich fan, I know what I'm talking about). Have turned him into a centre back and is now in the England team, was a backup player at Southampton when I signed him but so glad I did. Must buy for anyone who wants a 7/8 out of 10 every game.

Lewis Cook - bought in as a back up and hasn't let me down so far. Will continue to use as a back up to Eric Dier, but sooner or later he will force out one of my midfielders. Good option for any PL side below the top 6.

James Ward-Prowse - Set piece genius. Always in my starting line up, slowly but surely turning him into Spurs version of Stevie G. Midfield maestro.

Jordan Ibe - Jury still out on this man, haven't been impressed with him so far. Goes 3 games doing nothing, then just as your about to give up on him he pulls out 9.7 out of 10 performance. Will give him till the end of the season and judge then.

Third season is a work in progress but doing well in the EPL, Champions League and the FA Cup. Capital one cup... not so much, lost in the 3rd round. Again.

I have made more signings who are English but they are all regens so no need to evaluate them on this post.

If you want to see how they are doing on my save, then check out my YouTube channel, if you want to let me know your thoughts on this, either reply on here or contact me on twitter as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on the post. I'm all for the development of English talent, we have a lot out there, but no so called 'big teams' give them a chance. I have, and in the majority of cases they have repayed the faith.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-4g-UeCujenHEdyfK2PF_g

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeeJamF_M

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