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No Cup history


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I've modified the Scottish League cup to follow the new format, I've given it 3 stages, preliminary, group and knockout. The cup plays through exactly how I want it too however no history is ever added to the competition e.g. play through 3 seasons, the cup plays right through for each season but the past winners are never added, I've noticed that the cup only takes stats from the first stage. Any ideas what could be causing this?

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I have the following ranking settings

Round                    Winner Rankings       Loser Rankings (Current-Highest-Lowest)
Preliminary Round            0-0-8                  9--

Group Stage - 5 teams per group, 1st place and 4 best 2nd placed teams qualify for next round

               Position   Current Ranking   Highest Ranking   Lowest Ranking
1st Place             0            0                 0                4
2nd Place             1            5                 0                5
3rd Place             2            6                 6                6   
4th Place             3            7                 7                7
5th Place             4            8                 8                8 

Round          Winner Rankings       Loser Rankings (Current-Highest-Lowest)
Last 16            0-0-3                4-4-4
QF                 0-0-2                3-3-3
SF                 0-0-1                2-2-2
Final              0-0-0                1-1-1

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i dont know how to solve this issue so i made basic rules (bosnia) and added cup with 3 stage just like you. after converting to advanced i have this file-history is ok


you can see how its done and make same system in yours league cup. ranking levels are same but every round is separate stage and ranking level info is added.

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